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  • Budget: $20,000 – $25,000 (USD) · Location: Canada, British Columbia

    Web · Open for proposals · Posted 16d ago · 13d remain · 25 proposals

    Enterprise level Magento 2 applications and this will be on desktop web and mobile web. Please explain which technologies, coding languages, or frameworks will be used for this project (e.g. Objective-C, JavaScript, React Native)? Share the phase wise commercials: Phase 1: The first phase is to build out the ability for customers to do the following tasks: a. Search option to find the best packages from hotel, flights, car rental and experiences b. An user then purchase the packages (...

  • Budget: $2,500 - $5,000 (USD) · Location: Spain, Madrid, Madrid

    Web · Open for proposals · Posted 23d ago · 6d remain · 11 proposals

    Goal is to build a working prototype with minimal cost. It has two parts. First a website consistent of signin with Google. Once logged in, you can log out and fill data inputs and save them. Around 40 possible data inputs (text, dates, etc..). The second part is the chrome addon, which would need google signin and the following. When you are in a website that has a form, and you select an option of the addon, it will try to complete the form with the data saved before in the website (it is a bi...

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: Sweden, Stockholm

    Web · Open for proposals · Posted 16d ago · 13d remain · 17 proposals

    We need one experienced UI / UX designer to complete some missing screens for our web application which is under development. You work exclusively with our needs and instructions under direct management and on our server. You install tracking software on your system for our behalf. Very good references is a must. You sign legal contract and NDA before start. You are not allowed to disclose any kind of information regarding our project in any means or in any way and method. If you violate against...

  • Budget: $2,500 - $5,000 (USD) · Location: Chile, Santiago Metropolitan Region

    Web · Open for proposals · Posted 20d ago · 9d remain · 17 proposals

    I need to develop a web application like www.fiverr.com.

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: India, Haryāna

    Web · Open for proposals · Posted 21d ago · 8d remain · 3 proposals

    I need a bidding tool which can automatically fill data in text boxes on a bidding website. The purpose is to grab shipment vai a bidding process in which multiple logistics service providers(5-6 usually) bid at same time. The website is made by the client to which i provide logistics services

  • Budget: $2,500 - $5,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Oklahoma, Seminole

    Web · Negotiating

    I need a website clone of https://bitmedia.io/ in maximum 15-20 days. The timeline cannot be negotiated.

  • Budget: $2,500 - $5,000 (USD) · Location: Qatar, Ad Dawhah

    Web · Negotiating

    I want to create a website which people can sell their cars or look for one to buy. Contains - ads space - employees account to upload the pic and description. In my country there is only one website Please find the link below http://www.qatarsale.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8dXdlauP3AIVVQwrCh22oAmJEAAYASAAEgLbffD_BwE I need same idea but it has to be more flexible and profissional than this The time is more important for me Shorter time better also for me Thank yo...

  • Budget: $1,000 - $2,500 (USD) · Location: Canada, Quebec

    Web · Negotiating

    Hello, Our project description has changed a bit but this one here will be final. A website with a BD for our customers: Each customer (in the fast food industry in general) will have an account with us and will see: A very simple webpage with a realtime table (20 rows max. on the page). Each row on the table should contain the name of the client, his email address, phone number and a realtime timer starting from the moment the records was added to the queue. The table should be a fifo by...

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: India, Karnataka State

    Web · Negotiating

    I have a set of business simulations that need to be developed into a single, standalone, web-based application. The app will have three different types of users - an account administrator, facilitators and participants. After computing the user inputs, the system should generate results according to preset business evaluation algorithms. Need results to be presented in tabular and chart formats.

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: Australia, New South Wales

    Web · Negotiating

    i have a vb.net program ( maybe a little vb6 as well ? ). the program scans the websites of 12 online sportsbooks that have been parsed by another program and saved to a database, looking for arbitrage opportunities from the odds for the same sport / wager type but different sportsbooks . i need an experienced vb/net programmer to add MORE sports and or wager types to what i have now. that is to scan more sports etc to the soccer and MLB that is all i am scanning now. it is an hourly job p...

  • Budget: $1,000 - $2,500 (USD) · Location: India, Tamil Nadu

    Web · Negotiating

    Looking for an expert to work onsite on progressive web app using react.js

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: Qatar, Ad Dawhah

    Web · Negotiating

    I need someone to make my IT Major project , which will be an website to book wash car service and some other things I need it simple , and easy to understand , code should be with describe in a document thanx

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: Mexico, The Federal District

    Web · Negotiating

    Looking for an experienced web developer for a challenging project. The project is divided on 2 sections: On the front-end, the website should start with a traditional search engine, where the visitors will input an instagram @USER account they want to know more about the statistics: following, followers, # of posts, and so on . IMPORTANT: This information should be updated many times a day. When the user hits the search button, the @USER profile page will display all the available data for that...

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