Top Web Development Companies in Kiev

Top Web Development Companies in Kiev


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Last updated May 23, 2019

Top Web Developers in Kiev - 2019 Reviews

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  • ABC Food: "A nutrition app"
    Aiiku: "An app for future moms to control a pregnancy period"
    AppliedAI: "A marketplace for companies that offer B2B AI services"
    Click Image: "An image tool for ecommerce companies"<...

    Company information

    • 50-100 employees
    • $20k-$25k (USD)
  • FanLeague: "FanLeague - a high-performance social betting platform for football fans. The goal of FanLeague is to bring the football fan community together rather than simply creating a platform for placing bets ..."

    Company information

    • 10-49 employees
    • $5k-$10k (USD)
  • SoftLoft


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Miller Harris: "A Britain perfumer Lyn Harris founded Miller Harris in 2000. Before that she spent 5 years training in France at one of the highly prestigious schools of the perfume in Paris and then Robertet in Grasse. ...

    Company information

    • Magento Developer
    • Web Developer
  • S-PRO


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    The Hub: "‘The Hub’ - is the only tool you need to manage all your medical group’s resources and communications. The Hub is easy to create, use, manage and deploy, whether your medical group is 20 or 20,0..."

    Company information

    • $10k-$15k (USD)
    • 10 apps
  • FindAPlayer: "Find a Player is a revolutionary sports app that lets you find people to play game with you just when you need! On the other hand, people can find you and offer play a round of football or basketball ..."

  • Gera-IT


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Vital Orange: "The idea of this project is very simple, however it is elegant too: to give people the opportunity to care about their own health with more intensive use of online technologies. Taking into account al..."<...

    Company information

    • 10-49 employees
    • $15k-$20k (USD)
  • MarriU: "With MarriU, wedding planning is a simple and pleasant process. The app features a full list of wedding vendors including beauty experts, photographers and videographers, and other best-in-class suppliers. Moreo...

    Company information

    • 50-100 employees
    • $10k-$15k (USD)
  • SwipeIn: "This mobile app helps recruiters and developers find each other via a mobile app. There three key features of this app. 1. No need to fulfil any info about your experience, the app is connected to you..."

  • Business Lab

    Business Lab

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Con con: "Con-con is a system developed for a concrete plant that is part of the biggest construction holdings in Ukraine. The plant serves both the inter-holding CIM (construction and installation management) as well as...



    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    A2 Delivery: "The catalog of goods is designed for more than 10,000 items. The functional catalog of goods allows you to find the products you need quickly and conveniently, to learn their characteristics and pr..."

  • NordWhale


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    ModulTrade: "The Ethereum-based platform for global trade. Technologies: Ethereum, Solidity, ES6, Truffle, Web3, Node.js, React.js, Express"
    Upfiring: "An incentivized P2P file-sharing desktop applications that en...

  • Vehicle Inspection App: "Solution provided: - Reviewed and performed a technical analysis of requirements - Created a solid, detailed technical design using existing platform as guidance. - Dedicated development team;...

  • Sannacode


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Costless: "Costless is an app that compares prices on goods and products across popular Kiev grocery stores, thereby allowing users to make better decisions on where to shop and how to get to the selected store...."

  • CoreTeka


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    DriverNotes: "DriverNotes is a startup project for drivers, which helps keep track of all the costs, costs, and events occurring with the car. It reminds of maintenance and other upcoming events. Summarizes the sta..."

  • Uptech Team

    Uptech Team

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Butter iOS & Android app: "Butter is a social discovery app. You can make new friends on Butter! Snap and post photos, get likes, build your score, get popular and chat! Start making friends with Butter! The client re...

  • Artkai


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Inkhunter: "The app projects any tattoo design, on any part of your body, to let you see how it will look. Check full project -"

  • The APP Solutions

    The APP Solutions

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Nioxin: "Nioxin is a market leader for salon professional products in over 40 countries all over the world. The main goal of the Nioxin hair care products is to transform thinning hair into fuller thicker hai..."

  • Redwerk


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    CallHound Unwanted Calls Block: "CallHound is a new incoming call blocker that provides reliable protection from spam and unwanted calls. It equipped with a large number of functions and allows to create and manage an un...

  • Alty


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Zoomlee: "Zoomlee is a mobile app to help international travelers to securely store, share and track their travel documents and be safe. Area: Travel, Productivity, Photos, Cloud Services Technologies: Ob..."

  • Opsway


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Ciao Date: "Ciao is an event based dating app that is bringing romance back to dating. Find your date by filtering the type of date, location, day of the week and budget. Ciao is available on Apple App Store and ..."

  • Mobilunity


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    S.E.A Events Calendar: "Professional events app with EventBrite and Meetup APIs integration allows to search, add and receive reminders on upcoming events. The app integrates with personal calendar and sends push notific...

  • Django Stars

    Django Stars

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Azyan: "Working in Amman, Azyan offers food-delivery services and delivers thousands of items a day. It connects clients, restaurants, and delivery service providers through the application to make the order and delivery...

  • Computools


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Creelit: "Mr. Creel invited us to spearhead the necessary digital transformation, identify bottlenecks and enable growth. We conducted a thorough business analysis of the company’s current processes and identified both s...

  • Archetype agency

    Archetype agency

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Fitchangly: "FitChange. app that rewards you for your fitness activity 2016"
    Litexty: "iPhone App that converts Articles to Podcasts 2016"
    Rivalry: "Android App Kickstarter for Sport Events 2016 Now app in develop...

  • Nabus Development

    Nabus Development

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    RM8: "RM8 is one of our current projects, which is a great and feature-rich mobile application for travel startup. The app is designed for hostel owners to enhance experience for their guests and to help tr..."
    La com...

  • Geniusee


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    My Food Traffic Lights: "Service type: Apps development Client: Fair Friend UG Project goal: To create iOS and Android apps for healthy lifestyle Result: Apps deployed to the respective markets"
    Blockchain Wallet w...

  • SoftPositive


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Low T Center: "With the Mobile app you can: - Access your next appointment information - Check-in and bypass the front desk - Update your Health Survey upon check-in - Register your wearable device to automati..."<...

  • Matrix Software

    Matrix Software

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Mobile Report ERP: "Mobile Report Erp is mobile app to reach ERP software reports from mobile. Allows ERP users to monitor their financial report."
    Restaurant Mobile Application: "Mobile Application for Restaurants...

  • MEAT Agency

    MEAT Agency

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    LEAF: "LEAF is plug-n-plant system that automatically grows cannabis & food and is controlled by your smartphone. Won a “Hardware product of the Year 2016” by Product Hunt:"

  • Multimedia Nordic

    Multimedia Nordic

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Web-development: "One page sites (landing) Corporate (promo) sites Web shops Web portals Custom sites and services"
    Graphic design: "Logo and label design Form style Web full brandbook Web video and motion desi...

  • Brights


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Huggies: "Android and iOS apps for Huggies Marathon competitive activity with integrated pedometer. Users participate in activity by installing a tracker, share their achievements and receive bonuses from the Huggies bra...


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    SpherEx: "SpherEx provides a socially interactive platform that allows people to experience fitness in a whole new way. Whether you are just starting to workout, or have been for years, SpherEx allows you to en..."

  • Loonar Studios

    Loonar Studios

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Developer tags: php, javascript, android , design, mobile, responsive, angular.js

  • DevRain Solutions

    DevRain Solutions

    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Metamorphosa: "Share your photos with facebook, twitter, flickr and vk to impress your friends!"
    Scanny: "Introducing Scanny - scanning documents on the go has never been this easy. Scanning documents can be stress...

  • Edgica


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Developer tags: ios , android , html5, phonegap, unity3d, web, angularjs, vuforia

  • Elemental Heroes: "Elemental Heroes – MMO RPG in the fantasy setting with classical turn based combat. Made from scratch."
    Developer tags: ios , android , c#, unity3d, game, mobile, facebook, social

  • RexSoft


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    Developer apps: TapApp Security.

  • SONA


    Web Developer in Kiev, Ukraine

    KarmaDeskBook: "In the PERSONAL AUDIO catalog there is a brief information on the brands that Karma Digital has represented in Ukraine for more than 20 years. First and foremost, these are the products of the HARMAN ..."...


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