Wearable App Developers in Vietnam

Wearable App Developers in Vietnam


Here you can find the best Wearable app developers for hire in Vietnam. If you are a Wearable app developer located in Vietnam, you can create your customized professional app developer profile. Add your apps, works, and mobile app development company information

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  • Mobile is evolving and now Wear shown up with very cool features like Jame Bond. But that's just at the very first stage. We always catch up future and want to bring to customer with new feature very soon. That's why we integrate this service to our mission. Wear is the future, and now if you get it running, you're getting your customer. Faster you dive into this field, faster you get your success. (Make Wearable apps in Vietnam)

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Mobile data of Vietnam

Mobile usage has a low coverage nowadays on the Vietnam market, although desktop accesses are decreasing. There are almost 50 million of Internet users and Facebook, Google and Youtube are the most visited websites in Vietnam.

Vietnam Internet users spend 4 hours a day surfing the internet via desktop and 2 hours via a mobile device. Purchases online made with a smartphone are 23% of all commercial online activity. The most used apps are for: messaging, videos, games, bank and maps. Android is the most used OS in Vietnam, led by the sales of Samsung mobile devices, Oppo and Sony. Apple, though, has more than 30% of the mobile vendor market.

App developers in Vietnam

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