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Wearable App Developers


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About Wearable

Wearable data and market share

Wearable technology is a term that includes all smart devices that are worn on the body as accessories. They are a specific area of the IoT world and some of the most representative examples are smartwatches, smartglasses and activity trackers. Most major players in the technology industry have created wearable products such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Xiaomi or Huawei, while new companies have achieved a considerable market share in this niche such as Fitbit or Lifesense.

The high amount of platforms, hardware and devices is making choosing platforms and finding an experienced wearable development company for your project a crucial element to the project’s success.

Why you should develop a Wearable app

Nowadays it makes sense to make a wearable app for different reasons. First of all, because wearables are here to stay. The wearable trend has become a solid one, not only for smartwatches but also for fitness bands. Smart wearable devices like the Xiaomi Mi band or waterproof swimming bands have become affordable for almost everyone.

There are every time more apps for wearables that offer functionalities beyond the connection between smartphones and smart bands. Wearables are becoming independent and autonomous and offer features that smartphones can’t.

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