Top Wearable App Developers

Top Wearable App Developers


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Last updated Apr 23, 2019

Top Wearable App Development Companies - 2019 Reviews

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  • Exaud


    Wearable Developer in Ermezinde, Portugal
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    We were among the first adopters of the Android Wear and despite the fact that the Wear platform is still relatively new we developed a number of innovative and critically acclaimed smartwatch applications. Let us help...

  • Prismetric


    Wearable Developer in Gāndhīnagar, India
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    Considering the need of Android wearable devices, we leverage Android Wear API and Android Wear platform to design beautiful UI that runs smoothly and hassle-free. Our apps can also synchronise data between handheld devi...

  • Developing fascinating applications with high-performance user interface and unique features to cater to the need of your business. We develop smart applications for the smart devices that are compatible with multiple de...

  • Miquido


    Wearable Developer in Kraków, Poland
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    We take care not only of app development but the whole process of making it successful, starting from improving an app idea, through wireframing UX, designing UI, app development, quality assurance, and maintenance.

  • Android Wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices, with a user experience that's designed specifically for wearables. Whether you are a manufacturer, willing to plunge into the market of wearable...

  • Intuz, Inc.

    Intuz, Inc.

    Wearable Developer in San Francisco, United States
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    Apple Watch app development with the use of latest SDKs. Proven track record.

  • Sibers


    Wearable Developer in Novosibirsk, Russia
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    Being sports, fitness and workout tracking apps' lovers, we build them frequently and with joy. Especially, when it comes to extending these useful apps to the most cutting edge platforms, such as Android Wear.

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    Advent of wearable devices has meteorically given rise to development of wearable apps that sync well with wearable devices. Wearable app development has for many industries proven to be game changers.



    Wearable Developer in Princeton, United States
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    What started as a simple extension of the Android Platform has now emerged as the Internet of Things. Android Wear integration can be seen in so many aspects of everyday life. We're just happy to say that we have a signi...

  • Droids On Roids

    Droids On Roids

    Wearable Developer in Wrocław, Poland
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    Skybuds: "Exploit the full potential of your wireless Skybuds earphones thanks to the Skybuds app. OUR CHALLENGE: To create a mobile app connecting with wireless earphones via Bluetooth 4.0 and to ensure the..."

  • Magneto – as the name goes is a powerhouse which drives the creation of a comprehensive range of world class applications and web products with the help of its dedicated team of highly skilled people. We have more tha...

  • Android has expanded its functional area to a number of verticals. A number of android-based contraptions have occupied the market with flying colors due to their feasibility and user interactive features. Being an ace d...

  • Promatics Technologies

    Promatics Technologies

    Wearable Developer in New Delhi, India
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    The wearable technology is the next big thing! And, you definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to avail the finest. We, at Promatics offer to provide with the best of the Android watch app. We do understand the n...

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    Android wear is extended as Google pioneering operating system which is something that reflects your personality with real time apps. There are already numerous wearable devices available in the market; it can be a great...

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    Apps for the wearable Apple Watch are our specialty. We have started making this type of apps as the first company in Poland in search of constant development and broadening our horizons and now we can proudly say that w...

  • Mobulous


    Wearable Developer in Delhi, India
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    Medista: "When you require medicines, you want them now! But it often happens that you visit several stores before you find the medicines that you need. And it also often happens that your neighborhood Chemist ..."

  • Eastern Peak

    Eastern Peak

    Wearable Developer in Kharkiv, Ukraine
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    Eastern Peak is a full-cycle custom software development company that makes quality and satisfaction of our clients the cornerstone of its work. What differs us from countless service providers is that clients stay with ...

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    Apple has revolutionized the smartphone market by introducing its most awaited wearable product, the Apple Watch. OnGraph, one of the early adopters of the iOS technology, has kickstarted development for Apple Watch sinc...

  • Appventurez


    Wearable Developer in Delhi, India
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    Appventurez is a software development company working for Startups, Enterprise and Agencies. Our vision is to make a difference through creating mobile and web experiences that are intuitive, effective, and engaging. We ...

  • AppCrates


    Wearable Developer in Stockholm, Sweden
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    Pricelizer: "Have you ever found something online that you liked, but didn’t buy because the price was too high? Have you ever given someone a last minute gift card because you had no clue what they actually wan..."

  • Imperium Apps GmbH

    Imperium Apps GmbH

    Wearable Developer in Berlin, Germany
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    MoneyCoach - Personal Finance, Bills and Expenses: "Say hello to the amazing world of MoneyCoach for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Featured by Apple in the “New Apps We Love”, world class support team, hundreds of 5 Star...

  • App Knit

    App Knit

    Wearable Developer in Chandigarh, India
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    Wearable apps are the next big thing. With people now moving from smart phones to smart watches creates a whole new universe of opportunities. We at App Knit are committed towards creating revolutionary apps for wearable...

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    AppsInvo build user friendly and innovative apps for Apple and Android wear. AppsInvo is one of the trusted partner with expertise and excellence in strategizing, designing, development & the deployment of your solutions...

  • Logient


    Wearable Developer in Montreal, Canada
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    Founded in Montreal in 2000, Logient is the only company in the Montreal market that offers such a diverse range of software-related services; services that adapt the individual needs of each client, whatever they may be...

  • Velmie


    Wearable Developer in Manhattan, United States
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    Our company develops cloud solutions, applications and embedded software for drones and robots for agriculture, oil & gas, security and inspection industries.



    Wearable Developer in San Francisco, United States
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    Wearable app development industry holds bright future. We at Applify are well aware with this fact. Hence, we devote a major portion of our time and assets towards creating revolutionary apps for wearable devices.

  • Code Brew Labs

    Code Brew Labs

    Wearable Developer in Guadalajara, Mexico
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    Code Brew Labs has an expertise in handling new generation of devices, with a user experience that's designed specifically for wearables. Whether you are a manufacturer, willing to plunge into the market of wearable or a...

  • BrainMobi


    Wearable Developer in Delhi, India
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    We know the future is bright for wearable industry. We also understand the importance of clients and guide them how wearable technology can help them. We developed a strong and expert team of wearable app developers over...

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    The Synergo Group's iOS developers are interested in products that become a part of everyday life, and that's why we're excited to develop for the Apple Watch, a gadget that is integrated more and more into the lives of ...

  • Saffron Tech

    Saffron Tech

    Wearable Developer in New York, United States
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    Wearable devices such as activity trackers are the best example, Wearable technology has a variety of applications which grows as the field itself expands. We have a strong hands-on when it comes to applications linked t...

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    Our company has worked on a number of projects and accomplished all our targets with flying colors, ’til now we have entrenched a benchmark of building more than 350+ apps across different verticals. We are looking forwa...

  • Techugo


    Wearable Developer in Delhi, India
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    Techugo, is one of the fastest growing mobile app and web development company. We are near to 130 people in around one year and have traversed almost all of the globe as our client base. Our missión aligns from supportin...

  • e-Legion


    Wearable Developer in Saint Petersburg, Russia
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    Working in every field of mobile app development, e-Legion empowers their clients with comprehensive and market-ready apps. The company focuses on building apps that have authentic customer experience and boost business ...

  • Grey Chain Technology

    Grey Chain Technology

    Wearable Developer in New Delhi, India
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    Android Wear is a version of Google's Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables. By pairing with mobile phones running Android version 4.3 or newer,with limited support from Google's pairi...

  • With expertise in wearables, cloud and mobile technology under one roof, we provide best IoT solutions with rich architecture and inbuilt capability to automate 90% of validation efforts.

  • Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

    Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

    Wearable Developer in Chandigarh, India
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    Android Wear supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a wide range of features and applications. At Seasia Infotech our team of wearables developers has developed many different apps in Using Android We...

    Company information

    • $5k-$10k (USD)
    • 44 apps
  • RipenApps


    Wearable Developer in Delhi, India
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    These days, we understand the need for technology and therefore we prefer to take a step ahead in order to get benefitted both at home and work. One of the great advancement in the world of technology is the emergence of...

    Company information

    • $5k-$10k (USD)
    • 21 apps
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    We started off as an iOS application development company and expanded into developing Android and Web applications. We majorly concentrate on native iOS and Android platforms in the mobile app development. We build appli...

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