Top Custom Software Development Companies in Germany

Top Custom Software Development Companies in Germany


Here you can find the best Software Development Companies for hire in Germany. If you are a Software Development company located in Germany, you can create your customized professional company profile. Add your works and company information

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Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Top Custom Software Developers in Germany - 2024 Reviews

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  • Startup Creator

    Startup Creator

    Software Development Company in München, Germany

    Startup Creator turns ideas into tech and provides everything - at minimal costs. We support entrepreneurs in developing the initial idea towards the implementation of their tech concept in form of app and web ...

  • Zignuts Technolab

    Zignuts Technolab

    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Zignuts Technolab is a top-rated Web and On-demand Mobile App development company in the Germany, India and USA. We strive to excel in the invention and development of the industry’s most advanced technologies ...

  • Evrone


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We deliver custom software development solutions for your business.

  • Imperium Apps GmbH

    Imperium Apps GmbH

    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Imperium Apps is an innovative app development company based in Berlin, Germany. 
We are focused on iOS, Android, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Apple Watch apps, Apple TV apps. We ...

  • Concise Software

    Concise Software

    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Blockchain, dApps and mobile technology is moving fast. From intelligent hardware devices (IoT) to app-enhanced car dashboards, every industry can now participate in the smart, customer-drive app revolution. We...

  • JRS Innovation

    JRS Innovation

    Software Development Company in Düsseldorf, Germany

    JRS Innovation UG is an emerging company with motivated and skilled team. We deliver high quality mobile apps in latest programming environment. Our expertise covers a wide range of technical capabilities inc...

  • IT Craft

    IT Craft

    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    IT Craft is a web and mobile app development company that operates in two different countries. IT Craft has its main office inGermany and the developers’ center is in Ukraine. The top app development company ha...

  • A-Team Global

    A-Team Global

    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    A-Team Global is a trustworthy software development services provider. For 10 years we have been helping companies around the globe increase their value by transforming business ideas into technical solutions. ...

  • YND


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    YND provides digital solutions designed to streamline processes, retain customers or tackle tricky integration challenges in education, payment processing, sustainability, mobility, hospitality or retail.

  • Albion Digital Action

    Albion Digital Action

    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Albion Digital Action (ADA LLC) specializes in implementing modern IT solutions. We provide Managed Project Development services and IT Outsourcing solutions. Our skillset includes Project Management, perfect-...

  • Quadecco


    Software Development Company in Haar, Germany

    Quadecco is a software development company with a strong expertise in mobile and web development. We are a multiplatform agency (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), together with a deep server side expertise (Win...

  • IIH Global

    IIH Global

    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    IIH Global established in 2013, started as a small Mobile App Development firm to make a mark in the IT Industry, which gradually went on app developing and exploring its dimensions with International Clients &...

  • Dropp Technologies

    Dropp Technologies

    Software Development Company in Kaiserslautern, Germany

    We are developing software solutions for businesses and empowering them to grow. Our Services: - Software Product Development - Application Development - Enterprise Software Development - Mob...

  • SaM Solutions

    SaM Solutions

    Software Development Company in Gilching, Germany

    SaM Solutions provides custom software development services across all technological domains. We specialize in custom mobile application, web application, eCommerce, IoT, cloud computing, and embedded systems d...

  • TrueNode


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Software Development Company

  • Silk Data

    Silk Data

    Software Development Company in Krefeld, Germany

    We have been developing AI models with high data accuracy for more than 10 years, and our key experts have PhD degrees. Our team focused on NLP, AI consulting & development, Machine Learning Engineering, Data S...

  • AI Superior GmbH

    AI Superior GmbH

    Software Development Company in Darmstadt, Germany

    Our end-to-end products and design solutions are based on artificial intelligence modules, machine learning, and data science. Our team will build you a fully compliant solution with your requirements in mind w...

  • BIZ Factory GmbH

    BIZ Factory GmbH

    Software Development Company in München, Germany

    Android App Development - Multimedia Displays - Smart TV Apps - Advertising Screens - Digital Pictureframes - Cloud Based Picture - Video/Audio Streaming - smart home monitoring- info screens - environmental ...


    Software Development Company in Frankfurt, Germany

    An expert German team of Unity programmers developing our own and clients' mobile games and apps, VR/AR, 3D and interactive presentations. Operational since 2010, by year 2015 we achieved 3rd place in a worl...

  • YourServerAdmin


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    YourServerAdmin is a company specializing in Cloud Infrastructure Management, which embraces all the stages of Cloud's life-cycle from the strategy and planning to the building of highly scalable and flexible C...

  • SMAC Softwares GmbH

    SMAC Softwares GmbH

    Software Development Company in Fellbach, Germany

    SMAC Softwares GmbH is an ambitious company located in Stuttgart. With an intention to become the fastest emerging software development company which will help its clients to grow high at a rapid pace. The comp...

  • Platri IT GmbH

    Platri IT GmbH

    Software Development Company in Bochum, Germany

    We develop your individual software. We can already look back on a number of successful software projects, which you are welcome to see in our portfolio.

  • Ahdus Technology

    Ahdus Technology

    Software Development Company in Heilbronn, Germany

    Ahdus is a software product development company that offers custom web and mobile application development services We develop high quality solutions for businesses of all sizes

  • K&C (Krusche & Company)

    K&C (Krusche & Company)

    Software Development Company in München, Germany

    Agile, DevOps software development teams tailored to your project and scalable with your needs. Our developers and other IT specialists are based in our nearshore tech talent centres in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus...

  • Edvantis


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We have over a decade of providing software development services to organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-grade businesses. Leverage our experience as a technology co-creation partner and mark...

  • Devexperts


    Software Development Company in Munich, Germany

    We specialize in the development of financial software and help financial industry firms grow, adapt and gain a technological advantage by providing custom software solutions and sharing our FinTech expertise. ...

  • Lavorg Technologies

    Lavorg Technologies

    Software Development Company in Munich, Germany

    Lavorg Technologies is your ultimate createch partner, and the architects of tomorrow’s digital landscape. But at the crux of everything, we are passionate about “All Things Tech”. Since our inception in 2011, ...

  • LabInTech


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    LabinTech is a powerhouse of cutting-edge technology and creative prowess, dedicated to transforming your visionary ideas into reality. Our team of seasoned experts is fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries...

  • OSFGlobalServices


    Software Development Company in München, Germany

    OSF Global Services is a dynamic IT Services and Consulting provider that focuses on delivering increased business value for its clients. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, ...

  • Galaxonic


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We are passionate to built successful mobile apps and web technology to continuously grow the business, client base and profits of our customers, which range from multinational technology companies like Samsung...

  • Binosys


    Software Development Company in Aschau, Germany

    We focus on your needs. Our software architecture is tailored to your requirements. Short development cycles will help you optimizing your product in a very fast manner.

  • Appkunft


    Software Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Top class native mobile application development company with operations in Berlin, Lausanne and Istanbul.

  • Decondia


    Software Development Company in München, Germany

    We at Decondia stand for German quality standards in connection with Indian development expertise. As a customer, you benefit from the advantages of offshoring and have in addition to that a strong local partne...

  • 10Geeks - Software Engineering

    10Geeks - Software Engineering

    Software Development Company in Föhren, Germany

    Software solutions for mobile and cloud applications. According to your individual wishes. From idea to development Behind every successful product is initially a good idea. You have already thought about...



    Software Development Company in Cologne, Germany

    BITECC provides Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing services. You can’t find the competent IT-Specialists who would have the necessary experience in ERP and IT projects, deadlines are pushi...

  • Cyprych Kalienke

    Cyprych Kalienke

    Software Development Company in Freiburg, Germany

    Our team develops & integrates company-specific software and systems. We realize apps and web solutions as well as the individual interfaces, which network them and optimize your processes. What we do: ...

  • twist solutions

    twist solutions

    Software Development Company in Regensburg, Germany

    We're offering professional Software Development and IT-Consulting. Our services: - development of bespoke software - development of mobile apps (Android / iOS) - software customizing - working with exis...

  • CPI Technologies

    CPI Technologies

    Software Development Company in Mainz, Germany

    Our experienced software development team will develop the app you need. No unwanted, unnecessary trash, but exact what is necessary for your end-customer to do, what he is supposed to. And of course, to build ...


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