Top Social Media App Developers

Top Social Media App Developers


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Last updated Mar 23, 2019

Top Social Media app development companies - 2019 Reviews

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  • Ready4S


    Social Media Developer in Kraków, Poland
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    Bears Hunt: "BearsHunt is a worldwide dating and social networking app for gays. It enables to create personal profile and search trough a huge number of other users to chat, meet or date."
    MyFaith Network: "MyFaith N...

  • SoftProdigy


    Social Media Developer in Chandigarh, India
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    noFAQs: "noFAQs is a melting pot of individual experiences, each of which could appeal to different people differently. The database of knowledge is one that is organic, self-sustaining and able to evolve on t..."



    Social Media Developer in Princeton, United States
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    CLIKRR: "Photos are the great way to make memories by capturing moments, but what if you combine voice to it? , it’ll become a unique amalgam of two distinct sources, Clikrr , is a smooth and rudimentary way..."

  • Konnect: "Konnect is the app for people who are attending various conferences. App gives you to connect with all attendees who all are connected to that conference."

  • Devodrome


    Social Media Developer in Bucharest, Romania
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    ChatitAPP: "A messaging service used to chat with friends and family. Send and receive messages , photos , videos, and files instantly & ephemerally! The instantaneous messenger that helps you connect with fam..."

  • itCraft


    Social Media Developer in Warszawa, Poland
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    Heyway: "Use Heyway to organize and post events, chat, exchange photos and hang out with friends. Heyway is a socializing app letting you meet new people, set up events as well as connect with your friends and..."

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    Social Media has been instrumental in developing a well-communicated society, it has helped the world evolve from global boundaries and get united as a whole entity.

  • Intuz, Inc.

    Intuz, Inc.

    Social Media Developer in San Francisco, United States
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    Intuz is a leading global digital agency providing end-to-end software development services on Mobile, Cloud, Web & IoT. We are based out of San Francisco, California and India. We are an ISO 9001 certified, Microsoft...

  • Saffron Tech

    Saffron Tech

    Social Media Developer in New York, United States
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    Enzi - Wallet App: "The enzi wallet app is a secure and sound gateway to make and receive payments. The wallet has an easy signup where the bank and transactional info of the customers is absolutely safe and is only visi...

  • Prismetric


    Social Media Developer in Gāndhīnagar, India
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    Communication App for Android: "The app helps to communicate within business with privacy."
    Stickers based chat app for Android: "New generation chat applications for friends and lovers. You can have awesome stickers ...

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    If you want to develop a social media app for your users then we can help you by integrating latest technologies like AR, VR, AI, etc. to bring the excellent user-friendly app. We incorporate features like live chatting,...

  • Mobulous


    Social Media Developer in Delhi, India
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    Travalong Travel App: "Travolong is a travel chat application where in you can chat with other travelers and know what is happening at your place of travel. In Travolong, you can create a group with other like-minded tra...

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    The Social Media Application is one of most promising and result-driven tool for a business entity. Despite the over-explored segment, it has huge potential due to the constant development of technology and market with i...

  • Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

    Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

    Social Media Developer in San Francisco, United States
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    Our digital marketing solutions enable clients to reach their organizational aim efficiently. With their ability to create engaging content and experiences, digital marketing experts at CISIN develop a plan of action for...

  • Resourcifi


    Social Media Developer in Wilmington, United States
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    At Resourcifi, we have successfully developed, implemented and executed apps for Clients like DOW, GOTRIBEFIT & TRABO.

  • Sibers


    Social Media Developer in Novosibirsk, Russia
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    YAP chat — so much more expressive messaging: "YAP chat is an Instant Messenger for iPad, which turns boring everyday chats into a comic book. Instead of simple text with emoticons user can create unique cartoon strip us...

  • Cubix


    Social Media Developer in Washington DC, United States
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    We have a decade-long expertise in social media marketing, with an enthusiastic team keeping a watchful eye on recent trends, new platforms, trending strategies, and more. Our creative thinking and social media enthusias...

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    Want To - Find Friends & Meet New People Near You!: "Finding friends and mutual friends nearby who are interested in doing the same thing you want to do at the same time. You’ll never have to eat at a restaurant or worko...

  • QSS Technosoft

    QSS Technosoft

    Social Media Developer in New Delhi, India
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    With maturing of online social networking platforms, more and more people are moving on these platforms. Products are being marketed and advertised on social media platforms. New concepts and application ideas are coming...

  • Exaud


    Social Media Developer in Ermezinde, Portugal
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    Yasmo Live: "Yasmo Live is a mobile application that guides you through a conference: you can view info on every session, speaker and sponsor, interact with all participants and find your way around, thanks to int..."

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    If you are looking to build a group or community around your amazing product/services, the social media or networking app can be an amazing way to design, nurture and get one. OnGraph's Social network app can help you bu...

  • Promatics Technologies

    Promatics Technologies

    Social Media Developer in New Delhi, India
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    Sports Social Networking Apps: "A sports social networking apps which connects sports enthusiasts to discuss and debate on the latest happenings with their favorite teams. Apps allow users to discuss and engage at any pl...

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    Social Event Application: "This is a social event application that gives casual users an opportunity to become event managers. The users can within the app, create/join an event, invite other users, accept/pay for the ev...

  • Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd.

    Scramble Apps Pvt. Ltd.

    Social Media Developer in Chandigarh, India
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    Ravn: If your phone, in the hands of anybody but you, makes you break a sweat–nice to meet you, we’re Ravn. We facilitate private conversations for you and your innermost circle, making sure what happens in Ravn, sta...

  • RV Technologies Software Pvt. Ltd.

    RV Technologies Software Pvt. Ltd.

    Social Media Developer in Chandigarh, India
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    We Sway: Influencer Marketing: "We Sway is an all-in-one business influencer marketing app designed for hiring influencers, bloggers, local freelancers for businesses. It is an innovative new platform that offers the mar...

  • Rudra Innovative Software

    Rudra Innovative Software

    Social Media Developer in Chandigarh, India
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    JustAriv: Family locator and GPS Tracker: "JustAriv simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter most."

  • CoreProc, Inc.

    CoreProc, Inc.

    Social Media Developer in Manila, Philippines
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    We produce award-winning mobile-responsive websites with multi-browser compatibility. Our top designers craft your websites in line with your business branding while our web developers build functional, scalable, secured...

  • Sankalp


    Social Media Developer in Pune, India
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    No one can deny the extensive role that social media performs in today digital world. It is highly important that as a business you leverage your business presence with social media integrations. At Sankalp we develop so...

  • BrainMobi


    Social Media Developer in Delhi, India
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    Almost every social networking app in the app markets has the same features. Hence, to stand out from other apps in the market, your social networking app must have something different. This is where our innovative team ...

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    AppsInvo provides a way to develop an social media applications with interactive interface that brings new opportunities for your business to win prospect in social media landscape. Our expertise team develop social medi...

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    its a date: "Scroll through hundreds of date ideas ranging from categories like aquariums and zoos to beer-gardens and wineries...and even free dates. This app will make the boring dinner and a movie a thing of th..."

  • Techugo


    Social Media Developer in Delhi, India
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    Fanzir: "Fanzir is powered by one of the most popular professional indoor sports leagues in the world- EuroLeague and translates the passion of football lovers enthusiastically, where they can get Football new..."

  • e-Legion


    Social Media Developer in Saint Petersburg, Russia
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    Online store Wikimart for Windows Phone: "Whether you need a new fridge, tablet, dress or TV set, you will find it in new Wikimart app for Windows Phone. There is no need to leave a house to do shopping, everything you ...

  • Grey Chain Technology

    Grey Chain Technology

    Social Media Developer in New Delhi, India
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    Quik Catalog : Create and Share Catalogs: "Quik Catalog : Create Catalogs : Free Online Catalogue Creator App" helps you create free business catalogues for promoting your product and services directly to your client or ...

  • DigiMark


    Social Media Developer in Sofia, Bulgaria
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    Social media development is something that we could not miss. Everyone thinks of Facebook when asked for social media but there is so many different platforms that has main goal of connecting people.

  • We leverage the power of social media networks to connect brands & businesses with their customers. Each social media app is tailor made to best reach its target audience and achieve its business goals. With an obsess...

  • Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

    Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

    Social Media Developer in Chandigarh, India
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    Tendir (Dating & Social network app): "1) The App in the first instance is an Events Guide to what the good nightclubs are in a given city each night. Users can then see more details about the night like the DJ’s playing...

  • nomtek


    Social Media Developer in Wrocław, Poland
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    iHomie: "Cooperation between the building manager and members of the community is very difficult these days. The relationship in the community is weaker and weaker and this is a pretty large problem. When the ..."

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