Wink - App project

Wink - App project

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A few years ago I had created an idea of a snowglobe with an eye inside and as you shake it, it winks at you. An engineer I found online, I believe at UW said it could be done mechanically but you'd have to have it made overseas due to costs and instead why not make an app. I then thought about and decided that an app could work similarly but without applying the snowglobe theme. I would like to ask if it is possible to create a cell phone app where you shake your phone at someone and the eye winks at you. I am envisioning an image of a pretty eye where the eyelid moves up and down and it has long eyelashes. Then I thought you could add to this with other images or designs available for instance, lips that pucker up and kiss, hearts would flap their wings and or hearts that sing, and a thumb that rolls up or down. The thumb turning downward is negative so I would prefer to keep it all light and positive. I thought if you shook your phone at someone then it is a cute silent way of communicating a visual since some people are very visual. I then thought wouldn’t it be great if people had the app on their OWN phone and were able to receive it as a text whereby the person sending the text would then be told to shake it or download it and they would see a winking eye at them or kissing lips sent through a text. Does this make sense?

OK Cupid and other dating sites have a little wink you can send but not sure whether the eye actually winks I think it is just an image. Someone on it told me about it and I thought it would be great if these places could incorporate it since now you can get dating sites on phones.

Then last night I was watching TV and of course my idea of sending a pumping heart is there in the google phone wrist watch. I saw a man look at his phone and he saw a pink heart that kind of changed colors and it implied that his love had sent him this in lieu of a text saying I love you. The watches won't be a market for everyone. Not everyone is a. able to afford them and b. can read a font on that phone/watch so my app could still apply to phones.

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