Website and App development (Android and iOS ) - App project

Website and App development (Android and iOS ) - App project

Budget: Low (EUR) · Location: Portugal, Lisbon
Cross Platform · Closed

Mobile app project description

Bellow there is a project summary (App + Webpage) in terms of its requirements and features. The App features are the same as the webpage's.
I would like to have your budget proposal, discriminated if possible.
Thank you in advance!
Best regards

#Quick Summary
Flexible deadline April 2015

Webpage allowing for:
Add/Invite friends
Photo and video sharing only visible between 2 friends and by further more selected friends if allowed by both;
Event creation/booking with selected friends;
Booking of services offered by selected vendors
Rating of vendors

Additionally, full ownership and the possibility to edit the webpage/App and add content to it would be required.
Also, an intuitive downloadable App for iPhone and Android with the same features as the webpage.

#Webpage Features:

User Registration, Dashboards & Profiles
Facebook Connect Login & Registration
Private Message Threads
Friends List
Privacy Settings
Status Feed
Email Notifications
Notifications Feed
Email Invite

Photo sharing
Video sharing
Photo Comments
Photo Albums

Event creation and booking with friends
Booking of services offered by vendors which are user-rated with stars and reviewed (vendors and respective available services and information will be in our data base)
Rating and commenting of vendors

#Some of the Page Sections:
Column of Ads (small images with variable sizes and test length)
List of created events
Vendors listing
Feeds wall/column
Album (photos and videos)
Friends list

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