UPDATED: Matching Donation App - App project

UPDATED: Matching Donation App - App project

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Mobile app project description

Challenger - A donor who makes a financial commitment of any dollar amount to a ministry of their choosing. Challengers will be asked to fulfill whatever percentage of their challenged amount has been matched at the end of the event. Matcher - A donor who gives to any dollar amount up to the amount that is still needed to fulfill a challenge. A donor’s match will be charged to their credit card immediately.

In order to make a challenge or a match, visitors will need to create an account by logging in with their Google or Facebook accounts or email address. After account creation they will be asked to enter a valid credit card before they create a challenge or match a challenge: in order to verify that they are not a troll. There will also need to be an option below the credit card validation section for donors who prefer to give by check or other means, they will need to press a button that says “request approval without credit card”.

Challengers and matchers will receive live updates via email upon completion of a challenge they participated in. There will also be a small notification box in the left-hand corner of the screen that pops up when a donor has made a match or challenge. 40 seconds after a visitor is on the site the notification box will pop up with the last match or challenge that was funded with the time of how long ago that was.

After a user decides which challenge they’d like to give to, click on the “Match it!” button. After the click, the button transforms into 3 donate options: 100% of what is remaining, 50% of what is remaining, or a custom dollar amount. If you hover your cursor over the 100% option, then the fundraising thermometer is filled in with a lighter color up to the full amount; if you hover over 50% then half of the empty space is filled in; if you type out a custom dollar amount, then the thermometer is filled in proportionately to your dollar amount.

A map will show all of the challengers and pledgers “pinned” on a worldwide Google map so users can see where all the donors are from.

Ongoing Challenges displays all challenges that have not yet been 100% matched. Shows the challenger’s location, challenge amount, and ministry. Also shows if anyone has matched a portion of the challenge: shows the matcher’s location, challenge and amount. Interface allows matchers to meet part or all of the remaining challenge amount. Each time a user loads the page, the challenges should be randomly populated with any of the ongoing challenges so as to avoid showcasing the same challenges every time. Like shown in the mockup there will only be three challenges shown at a time and be a link to see the rest. In the three challenges shown on the homepage we do not want multiple challenges to show up for the same ministry, but to display 3 different ministries.

Completed Challenges displays all challenges that have been 100% matched.

We need to have the ability to drill down on a specific ministry using a URL variable and feature just that ministry on the page. For example: either “url.org/bibles” or “url.org/?match=bibles”
And then the entire page will be specific to just that ministry. For example, it will only show current challenges, notifications, recent activity, completed challenges, etc. for only the Strategic Bibles Ministry.

An admin panel needs to exist for the staff to be able to login and access/manipulate the data. This panel will give admin the ability to:
-add/subtract pledge amounts and create new challenges without having to create an online account or entering payment info. Ie- if a donor mails in a check instead of making their donation via the challenge webpage, we need to be able to input that donor’s information so it shows up in the online challenge or as an online match.
-make a challenge sticky on the homepage incase they want to feature specific challenges on the homepage without them being rotated off. If a challenge is marked as sticky but gets fully matched it will be removed from the Ongoing Challenges section.
-add/modify the list of ministries that are available for donors to make pledges towards. This will include a place for: ministry name, ministry profile picture upload, input field for the ministry’s description/mission. This panel will also need to have room for 5 HTML boxes. We will enter html into these boxes to be placed on page template or in email template. These boxes should be able to handle full html as well as be able to use the following variables: Ministry Name of Challenge, First Name, Country of recent donor to challenger, amount of most recent gift to challenge, percentage funded of challenge:
1. HTML input box for Thank You email
2. HTML input box for Thank You Page
3. HTML input box for notifications of gift to challenger email (challengers only)
4. HTML input box for challenge has been funded email
5. HTML input box for challenger who delayed donation till the end of challenge email

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