Trivia App (iOs + Android - App project

Trivia App (iOs + Android - App project

Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Greece, Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki
Android · Closed

Mobile app project description

I am looking to develop an iOS/Android trivia game app with native or titanium/phonegap (its up to your expertise).

About The App. - Trivia Game - Pass the Screen Gameplay

(Main Game Pass and play style)
2nd option (Via bluetooth/wifi device pairing second option ( Team A one Device, Team B Second Device) )

- Fetches Questions and answers from Json Files
- Questions with their answers are Fetched randomly from each json file
- Highscore (Saving and Presenting them with Bars / Pies graphs) - Facebook/ Google + / Twitter sharing of the game result (Photos/names/score of the teams)
- Settings - Category Filtering (Playable categories in each game) - Joker Wild Card Option (Option to check if players want to have the joker mode on (option to change 1/2/3 questions on a round with another one randomnly)
- Teen Friendly ( Option to check if they want the game only to fetch quizzes with no adult content)
- Duration of Each round (30/40/50/60/80/100/120 sec)
- Number of Rounds (4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 rounds)
- Extra Option so Teams Can Choose the Quiz Category of their Last Round (Each team will have the option to choose the category of their last quiz as bonus from the avaliable ones)
- Trophies Start Game Screen

Option to play with Pass the Screen (same device all teams) or (Via bluetooth/wifi for device pairing) Settings (All the settings will be viewable so they can start a fresh game right away) Teams (A,B,C,D) four teams maximum (Input field for each Team Name, color choice and Photo (teams can capture their team players photo and have it visible in each round with name and color)

Each Question / quiz in .json file will have the following fields -Category -Teen Friendly (yes/no)

-Answers (15 + limit to 30 entries) ( each time app will pick randomly from all the possible answers of each quiz) Application will have to collect usage statistics so it will cycle through questions (so gameplay is interesting and same questions wont appear frequently)

1 )Team A holds Device, Read The Question,
2) Team B give possible answers - if some of the answers are there
3) Team A checks then on screen
4) When timer is off, Team A pass the Device to Team B and
5) Team B holds the device....

An Adobe Air Application/Or Web Interfact for Updating/ Modifying/ Adding cards to handle the quizzes.


- Debugging

- Guiding in Compiling of the App and Submission to the App Stores

Please not that i will be both accepting proposals for Coding and/or Coding + Design. If you send a proposal only for coding i will provide the graphics.

We seek individual people, or teams that are willing to participate in finishing this application(Game)

Individuals and/or teams must be willing to sign a NDA contract and an NCA as the source is ready, and a co-operation contract. Please only serious proposals,

i dont want to receive bulk proposals with your companies history and profile. Only send a proposal if you read the whole description and have ideas/suggestions/questions to include in your message.

Please provide a strong portfolio and have a good feedback score. We will be aiming to Greek / Us market for start (Multilingual Editions),

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