Scheduling app - App project

Scheduling app - App project

Budget: Very low (USD) · Location: Qatar, Ad Dawhah
iOS · Closed

Mobile app project description

Objective: Create an app that organizes 24 hour shift office.
Manger has the ability to edit all aspects of the app, including:
Registering a new user.
Work email:
Phone number:
Add new schedule or edit a schedule.
Edit times of the shifts.
Post questions / polls for all or selected users.
Use users’ initials to indicate them in the schedule.
Set up a system to let the user submit if they are going on leave or they are going to be .late coming to the office or leave early from the office.
Set up a system to show who is currently at the office and who is next.
Set up a notification system for the user.
Shift notification.
Co-Workers in the same shift get notification if any takes leave or take an excuse.
Set up a system to notify the manager if any user takes leave or takes an excuse (be late) or (leave early) from the office. Then the manager has the option to notify selected users or all users to fill the gap.
Make all notifications optional for all users.
Additional information:
The office has 4 different types of shifts (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night).
Morning (D) – Set time 7 AM – 2 PM
Morning (M)
Afternoon (A)
Evening (E)
Night (N)
System is based on a 30 day month regardless of the actual month.

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