Photo Selection - App project

Photo Selection - App project

Budget: Very low (USD) · Location: Germany, Hamburg
iOS · Closed

Mobile app project description

e.g. you shot 1.000 photos and want to find out, which you like the most.

The app should show two random pictures from these 1.000 photos and you select one of the two (optional feature to like or dislike both pictures). The one you selected will be saved for later, the other one will be discarded.

Do this untill all pictures were shown once, now you have a pool of pictures you liked and pictures you disliked.
All the pictures you liked will be shown a second time, same procedure always two random pictures against each other and you like one (optional both).

Do this until you have the best photo, cant decide anymore or until you reach the number of photos needed (I want to make a photalbum and is has space for 30 pictures -> I do this until I have 30 pictures left).

All statistics should be saved for later, so that I can have a list from 1-1.000 (best to worst photos).

Whats the price and how long does it take?

Is it possible to program it for Android and PC aswell?

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