Photo and video upload Native App for iOS and Android - App project

Photo and video upload Native App for iOS and Android - App project

Budget: Low (USD) · Location: United Kingdom, England, South West England, Bristol, Bristol
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Mobile app project description

My company requires an app to support events that we run. Some of the functionality requested here may not be possible, however work arounds or use of other apps and media can be used. Very happy to use third party services (e.g. Facebook or maybe Instagram) and working from their APIs.

The App will be used to support real world games/scavenger hunts where teams have to upload pictures and videos of various tasks to judges. Generally these should be shared on their social media pages (with a focus on Facebook) and tag anyone in it, however occasionally users will want the media to be kept private so only the judges can see. shows how the games work

I will be on hand to support as much as possible, all image and graphic work can be done by me as well as some basic development on instruction. I can discuss everything in more detail over skype and understand that tradeoff will need to be made to get this done and quickly and cheaply as possible

Here's how it will work:

Open app

Facebook log in (required)

Twitter/ instagram log in (as well as facebook, not require)

Redeem code and activate timer - A code will be provided to users. as soon as they enter their code into the app and it is accepted, they will have 24 hours use of the app (e.g. 24 hours to play)

Basic data capture:
Team name - either join team (select from drop down, and no more data capture required) or register new team (name, location (if possible use location for this), tick box about demographics of team)

proceed to main home screen.
Options: Uploading pictures or videos, view uploaded pictures or videos, messages, info page and support

'Uploading pictures or videos'

Select category to upload to (one of 25 categories)
select media to be uploaded from phone
tick box if media is to be kept private
- if to be kept private, upload to server,
- if not to be kept private, upload to server and share on user's facebook (and twitter/instagram if selected) and tag users in picture/video (tagging not necessary if API doesn't allow it, but would be a nice feature)

if mobile is offline, queue for upload when it becomes online.

'view uploaded pictures and videos'

Shows uploaded pictures and videos from all other teams, categorised into the 25 categories


if easily implemented, push notification messages sent out at times intervals (e.g. after 2 hours, they get a message, after 23 hours, they get a message saying 1 hour left to upload media). Not too important, but would be nice if very easy to implement.

'info page'

help content - text and images


Telephone number and email for support

Budget is in the region of $1500 and happy to scale down features to meet the price. All graphics work will be done here, Facebook app has already been created to integrate with mobile app.

I look forward to hearing from you

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