Phase 1 - App project

Phase 1 - App project

Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Kenya, Nairobi
Android · Closed

Mobile app project description

I am making a social media application with the following functionalities;
To get it better, picture a platform like Facebook, but only few features below highlighted.

1. Messaging -PUSH messaging
2. Feeds (with display algorithm of just liked item comes on top and also with option to arrange chronologically to display newest posts).
3. Notifications - PUSH- to show who reacted to posts and people following.
4. User profile-(with past posts made) with edit capabilities (for the profile photo and personal details). What are the profile details? Photo,and personal details-texts.
5. Posts-Contents are; Texts, video, images, and texts-Post, delete and edit, copy link and report features and showing how long ago it was posted, eg 5hrs ago. To have also a feature to tag other users.
6. Post reaction features; Like, share, comment , and report.
7. Help - Only pop-up help at first log in. The rest is a link on how how to navigate through including the FAQs
8. Followers - and Following. To view posts from people you are following. The first 2 months of signup, you view all the content, view only friends after the grace period have elapsed.

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