Notification tasks + Email buttons - App project

Notification tasks + Email buttons - App project

Budget: Very low (EUR)
Cross Platform · In Process

Mobile app project description

1. Send an app notification (like when they are approved in a campaign) an influencer when is approved from admin
2. Send an email to some email adresses when an influencer completed registry and needs to be approved
3. Additionally 3 emails buttons in influencer management, under each influencer with different text plus a zone where we can edit the text. When we push one of buttons, an email is sent to influencer. Nothing to do with task points 1 and 2.
a. When they sign up in our web or app and we put their data in our system (apart from admin), we send them a welcome email. (email 1)
b. When we assign them an influencer category by their followers size, we send them another email (email 2)
b. Finally, when it's all right to start working with us, we send them a 3rd email.

We're doing this manually everytime, so we want to do the same automatically pushing a button to do the email tasks faster. This is why we want 3 buttons. If we push on each, an email will be sent to the influencer email address. Each email has a different text. So we need 3 buttons and a zone to write/edit that text.

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    Blockchain Fork, Metaverse, Own Blockchain, 2D-3D Games, CEX, DEX, P2E, M2E, NFT Marketplace, Stakin...

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