Instagram Bot - App project

Instagram Bot - App project

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Budget: Very low (EUR) · Location: Italy, Lazio, Rome
Android · Negotiating

Mobile app project description

We are looking to build an app that is a bot for Instagram, the idea is to "copy" this type of bot (,

Why we need this bot ?
We work on Instagram with multiple accounts, our goal is not to grow them but to use them to grow other accounts. Since we have over 40 accounts you may understand that it gets really hard to keep up with all of them and that's why we decided to invest on a custom bot that we will run on each device.

How should It work ?
We load one instagram Account on a phone, we manually set an Instagram profile that is the target of the bot and after it starts doing the most important action, he opens the followers list of the target account and starts to like one picture of every account that follows our target. The idea is to do this 24/7 but I'll explain later this subject, beside this the bot should reply to the message requests with a custom message that we add to it.

Should it run 24/7 ?
Yes and No, we want the phones to run 24/7 but since Instagram doesn't allow to have actions 24/7 we have to add random pauses to trick instagram and let them think our account is not on a bot but those actions are natural and made by a Human.

We are sorry if the budget range is not correct but with all the honesty I have no idea how much a project like this could cost, to me it seems very easy.

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