Inspection App - App project

Inspection App - App project

Premium project
Budget: Low (USD) · Location: South Africa, Gauteng
Cross Platform · Closed

Mobile app project description

optimised for smartphones, but must also work on tablets

The application purpose is to :
• provide the users with a simple way of logging issues that they come across on the field using the functions in their smartphones
• provide the users with a location aware emergency contact list
• enable uses to submit suggestions
• provide users with a safety checklist,
• on the back end, we need to include management tools to report on each of the areas

The Applications needs the following features:
• provide the users with a simple way of logging issue that they com across on the field
• the option to login, using the employee number, the users cellphone and a one time pin OTP, that is verified against a preconfigured list of credentials in the cloud, once logged-in the user remains logged in unless his access is revoked on the backend or he deletes the application,
• a menu structure of the four main areas, addressed above
• the first area of logging an issue should work like this (assuming that the user is now logged in and has selected the VFL option
• Should the user selected the VFL icon
• the camera is activated with the option to take a photo or video, or multiple pictures, this feature should also allow the user to
• once the user is happy with the photo or video, he can progress to the next feature
• where the user can do an audio recording describing the issue that was captured in the photo or video
• in addition to the photo and audio the GPS co-ordinates are captured by the application, the GPS co-ordinates will be pre-described
• this three elements are then presented to the user as a summary of the incident
• photo / video
• audio
• GPS coordinates
• the users can select each item for review before submitting,
• the submission of the incident can be facilitated through two mechanisms
• Immediately agnostic of the connectivity (wifi or GSM) or
• posted only when the user comes into wifi connectivity
• this combination of the three elements (photo, audio and GPS) is submitted as a single incident including the meta data, employee no, date, time, location (predetermined) phone, file size etc
• This incident and its attributes are then stored in the cloud and available for playback and review (separate menu item) by the user and central admin, the incident will be managed in the cloud by central admin, with multiple status (active, in review, in progress, resolved)
• there is a series of reporting requirements for the incidents submitted

• provide the users with a location aware emergency contact list
• This feature aims to allow users to quickly access an emergency contact list thats specific for the location that the user is in first
• when the users selects the emergency contacts icon
• the user will be presented with the following
• firstly an emergency list that is specific to the location that the user is in, so the app must first do a gps lookup, and present the emergency list specific to that location, this feature must be preset in the app, and must not require a connection to the cloud, (this is to prevent the possibility of users not having mobile data on their personal devices)
• a secondary list is a generic list of emergency contacts not relevant to the location, but relevant to the specific company

• enable uses to submit suggestions
• this feature aims to enable users to type in a suggestion that is submitted to the central admin, with all the meta data
• the suggestions must also have a status at the central admin
• the app must also allow the user to review previous suggestions an track its status

• provide users with a safety checklist,
• this feature aims to provide users with a safety check list / education
• the intention is to update this feature weekly and have users review different safety topics
• this area must report on the users review of the content in this section

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