Input/Output defined information model - App project

Input/Output defined information model - App project

Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Thailand, Phayao
Android · Closed

Mobile app project description

Key in 3 pieces of information (3 collumns- number - number - set value) to sort/match with preset values.

I would like an app built where I can enter card (poker holdem) values - eg AA - and the number of players left at the table left to act and the number of big blinds (represented by the value of 10 or 9 or 8 .... 1) to see if there is a match with a pre-selected group of hands for each variable.

So - I would like to click 8 (for 8 players left to act after me) then 6 (number of big blinds I have left)
and then click a hand (98s)

if 98s is in the predefined settings I would like a 'Yes" or green sign. For example: is 98s found in group: 22+ A8s+ A5s A4s K9s+ Q9s+ J9s+ T9s+

22+ meaning 22,33,44,55 (pairs) and so on.
A8s+ meaning Ace 8 of the same suit and up A9s,ATs,etc

If 98s is not found I would like a 'No' or red sign (like a stop sign).

How to select hands can be either keyed in or using a chart.

What I would want showing in the box is:

-the card selection (in order to input the selected hand)

-Columns for number of players 10,8,6,5,4,3,2

-And an answer box (found or not found) to be "Push" which is 'yes' green. and "Fold" which is 'no' red.

More details to be discussed later on.

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