Hofmann' Phone Number Catcher (PNC.) - App project

Hofmann' Phone Number Catcher (PNC.) - App project

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Hofmann's Phone # catcher Description of Concept for an app for android or comparable to the iPhone

This app would function on the receivers smart phone and or on a senders smart phone. Â The purpose of the app is to eliminate the need to use pen and paper when being offered a phone number verbally during a conversation. Â The app can also capture numbers typed into a senders land line phone number pad or even a smart phone key pad. The app also has other features outlined in this description.


You have the Hofmann Phone # Catcher app (the app) and during a phone conversation the person who you are talking to (the Sender) offers to provide a phone number to you verbally. You do not have a pen and paper handy. This is inconvenient because most people find it difficult to memorize a phone number accurately and then make use of it, Pen and paper is frequently not handy or for example a person may be driving. It would be dangerous to try to copy down a phone number while driving even if you did have a pen and paper available.  Another example might be that a person may be walking or otherwise away from pen and paper making it difficult or impossible to record a phone number offered to them verbally. Â

Solution. Step One. Â The phone number will catch the phone number verbally and transcribe it into a digital number. The Phone Number Catcher would then automatically appear as an icon on the receiver's phone pad any time a call is received. The app would be available at the time the call is received and available to activate for the purpose of recording a phone number given verbally by simply pressing the phone catcher icon. Once pressed by the one wishing to receive the phone number the Sender who is offering the phone number verbally gives the # verbally and the phone catcher records the # and using voice inscription transcribes it into a digital phone number which then appears on the receivers icon. Â Thus the phone number is caught. Â

Only the numbers given by voice have been captured until all of the number fields are complete. It can accept for example a 7 digit number 8, 9, or 10 digit number or any number of numbers necessary to complete a valid phone number. Â The amount of numbers could very as different country codes might require. Â It would also recognize the word "plus" transcribed to + for certain international numbers. Â The words "country code" verbalized before the number is given could cue the number of fields to be filled. Â The word "Extension" would also be recognized and the numbers verbalized following would appear in a separate field in the icon that would remain on the screen with an icon with the word "ENTER" written over the phone number. The word ENTER would appear in a different color or shade of color such as "ENTER in green over a field of Amber color so that the extension could be entered automatically by pressing the enter icon once the phone connection is made. There would also be an automatic entry of the extension number made by the app once a connection is established. Once the initial phone connection is established the app would listen to the voice coming through and would recognize the words "Dial" so that if a phone call placed by the user of the app is answered by an automated switch board which then prompts the caller to press an extension number the app would recognize the word "Dial" as in "Dial "1" for John Doe" "Dial 2 for Jane Doe" etc Once the word Dial is recognized by the app it would then dial the extension number that was already captured and standing by.

Solution Step Two:A. Once the number has been received by voice the app plays a digital voice read back that both the Sender and Receiver can hear which repeats the phone number and then asks "is this correct" and waits for a response of yes or no. Â If the sender says "yes" then the icon would shift automatically to step three. Â If the sender says "no" then the digital voice would prompt the sender to "please repeat the number".

Solution Step Two: B. Â The Receiver has the option of asking the Sender to type the number on their phone key pad, whether it is a land line or cell phone. The digital tones are captured by the app and converted to a phone number and is ready to use as in Solution Step One.

This phone number tone catching feature can be handy because many times when speaking to a business, office, government or corporate party which is on a land line the sender does not have the option to text the number to the receiver but they could type the number into their land line phone and the Hofmann Phone Number Catcher would convert it into a phone number and present the phone number the same way with the same options.

The basic app is to appear on the phone key pad but once activated the icon would open a new key pad app which would retain the typical Red Hang Up Key and other basic function icons but with the added function icons for the phone # catcher. Or in

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