Geo Location Based Android App - App project

Geo Location Based Android App - App project

Budget: Very low (USD) · Location: India, Karnataka State
Android · Closed

Mobile app project description

Looking for someone who can make an android app like Near Mosque & Muslim Pro ( We need few features of each ).
We have created the screenshots on invision to get a better idea of what exactly we want.

We want the following extra features :-

1. In the NEAR MOSQUE app, when a user searches for the mosques, the locations of the mosques which are nearby his current location is shown which are sourced from google maps.So the listed mosques on google maps are only shown.

We require 3 things apart from how NEAR MOSQUE APP FUNCTIONS :-
a. To source the already listed mosques on google on to our database with location details, Name & whatever information is there ( In the same format as our Masjid details page is, plz refer the screenshots ). After it is sourced we can be able to add or edit more information about each mosque where it is required.

b. An Option To create 2 categories one as MOSQUES & other as MUSALLAHS when the user adds a new mosque or musallah. They will be differentiated with a Logo , rest all details remaining the same ( Kindly refer Near Masjid/Musallah page ). So when a person is opening the app he will be able to see both mosques and musallahs available near to him and he can choose accordingly.

c. While adding, An option to mark places with a map marker on google maps. So if the user adds a MOSQUE/MUSALLAH by using a map marker he will also be able to save the location for the same.

2. For any user to add a mosque or a musallah there is no need for sign up.

3. To add announcements user should have login details which will be provided by the admin. Adding announcements is only possible for any masjid committee members to maintain correct information. Therefore any masjid members requiring the login details will have to go to settings & apply for the username & password after filling up a form. We will verify the details & then send them the login details.

4. The announcements once added under a mosque will reflect both in the announcements page & also in the masjid details page.
So each announcement is added under 1st City/District , 2nd Pin code , 3rd Masjid Name.

5. Announcements will have 4 categories
a. Health
b. Islamic
c. Education & Jobs
d. Government
So users can see the announcements based on the city/district & the category.

Even while adding the user can add the announcement as per the field they want to post in.

6. Same like the Near Mosque App it should have the option to find directions.

7. We also want to know if the app can be in Urdu also,like a language change option. Only the main basic words which direct the app.

8. Islamic calender , Qibla Compass & Timings with notifications & Alarms is basic. You can understand by looking at the screenshots.

9. The App should have a proper dashboard for the admin to edit & add information related to the app. Managing the Login ids & Passwords, information being added by the registered users & unregistered users, etc.

10. The App should have a common language which can be easily converted to an IOS App.

11. Prefer Developers from Bangalore

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