Corporate Expenses Submission - App project

Corporate Expenses Submission - App project

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Budget: Low (EUR) · Location: Portugal, Lisbon
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Mobile app project description

2 Specifications

2.1 Introduction
We have a client that wants to develop their Online Company Employee Portal (OCEP) and one of the components is a mobile application. This mobile application will be responsible for collecting evidences of employee expenses (photos from receipts) and send them to OCEP.

2.2 Operating System and Devices
The app will be developed for the following OS and devices:
• Android: take as reference Samsung J5 2016 and Galaxy Tab A 9.7. Consider android OS 4.4 minimum;
• IOS: IPHONE and IOS 10 minimum.

2.3 Functionalities
The app must support the following functionalities:

In general:

• Login in app with user and pass from OCEP. After first login, login info can be saved in app so that future login does not require inserting login data again;
• Device must be online to list, save or delete info;

CRUD actions:

• Create a new expense submission pack with the following properties:
o List of expense items;
o Description field;
o Date interval of the expenses (collected automatically from the expense items)

• Inside each expense submission pack allow creation of a expense item with:
o Photo of the receipt (collect photos of receipts with “scan” mode collect - like CamScan App in Android or other similar)
o Fields:
 Date of the expense
 Cost
 Type of expense (select from a list of expense types that will be supplied by client and are hardcoded in the OCEP). App user cannot change the type of expense list. List of types of expense should be downloaded from OCEP at login or at the opening of expense submission view in the app.
• Delete expense item
• Change expense item (fields and photo)
• Delete expense pack
• List expense packs
• List expense pack item

2.4 Languages
The application should allow configuration of multiple languages. For a start the following languages should be considered: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Adding new language to the application should not require big effort besides the translation of the texts file. The Spanish translations are to be supplied by SOFTUP. Portuguese and English translations are to be supplied by the development team.

2.5 Design and UI/UX
A simple and functional design is to be used and provided by the mobile app developer. Design must be aligned with the client image (website) and client logo must be used.

2.6 Integration with OCEP
The app should integrate with the OCEP via web services and REST (JSON preferably).

The specification of the web service should be defined by the mobile app developer. The web services in the OCEP are to be implemented by SOFTUP.

The login in the app must be authenticated in the OCEP and a token can be used for further authentication and authorization.

The following web services are expected to be defined (may be more if required):
• Authentication
• List Pack
• Create/Update Pack
• Delete Pack
• List Item
• Create/Update Item
• Delete Item
• List Expense Items Type

2.7 Distribution of the App

Apps are to be distributed in the store of the vendor and costs of the developer account will be maintained by SOFTUP. Neverthlesse please provide monthly fee to have developer account costs supported by mobile app developer.

3 Deadlines, Payment Conditions and Maintenance

3.1 Deadlines
Consider the following phases and subphases in the project:

• Phase 1 – Specifications of the web services [responsible: Mobille App Developer]
• Phase 2 – Implementation of the web services in OCEP [responsible: SOFTUP]
• Phase 3 - Development of mobile app [responsible: Mobille App Developer]
o Phase 3.1: implement DB and the following funcitonalities: Login, Create expense pack, create expense and submit expense pack do OCEP
o Phase 3.2: implement the following funcitonalities: list expense pack and expense items
o Phase 3.3 : implement the following funcitonalities: edit expense packs and expense items

Provide total number of calendar days required for phases 1 and 3.
3.2 Payment Conditions
Provide the payment conditions and split the estimate values by platform (Androind and IOS) and for each of the sub-phases 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. Use following table as example

Phase IOS Android
Phase 1
Phase 3.1
Phase 3.2
Phase 3.3
Discount for contracting all phases
Total with discount

3.3 Maintenance
Provide cost per hour after project delivery for:

• Client support;
• Further developments

4 The Mobile App Developer Company

4.1 Company introduction
Please provide summary info about the company and main focus.

4.2 Portfolio
Please provide a list of project portfolio and reference clients.

4.3 Design examples
Please provide example/screenshots of design and UI/UX used in other apps or suggest for this app.

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