Convert web based support area to an app - App project
Convert web based support area to an app

Convert web based support area to an app - App project

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Budget: $1,000 - $2,500 (USD) · Location: Estonia, Tartu
Cross Platform · In Process

Mobile app project description

For the last 5 years our company provides a very exact weight loss method requiring substantial support during the process. We developed a website in Wordpress, where we have pages with:
* Simple HTML content, like Welcome
* Contact forms to get in contact with the correct supporter
* Embedded PDFs hosted in Scribd to read the diet guide and accompanied tables
* Separately developed Interactive Diary embedded in an iframe, which allows following through daily changes in the diet for the client

There is now a big problem to convert it to a mobile friend site / app, as neither PDFs nor Interactive Diary are not easily responsive.

We're looking for a company, which can both develop responsive sites, utilize media content like PDFs in mobile friendly way, AS WELL as develop a full fledged interactive application with responsive UI or as an App.

PDF with detailed description of the current support area is attached.

We'd like to start small to see the quality of the company and then continue to the full solution.

Thank you!