convert web app to flutter or pwa - App project

convert web app to flutter or pwa - App project

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Budget: Low (EUR) · Location: Germany, Berlin
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Mobile app project description


following you get a detailed description what we need, that can be realised in two different ways, with flutter or with a pwa. In case you can realise it in both ways, we would appreciate former information how much would you charge for that. In case that you can only realise one option of the two options, we would appreciate to know what you would charge for that option.

State of the project at the moment

We run websites for language learning,,,, and so on. In total 30 websites, all of them identical from a technical point of view and all of them mobile through bootstrap and jQuery.

The website ares accessible for free and are refinanced through advertising.

For each of these website we have an app that works on android smartphones. By inserting one of the links below in the adress field of the browser of your android smartphone you can see how it works. Installation lasts something like 8 minutes. => you get installed on your smartphone => you get installed on your smartphone => you get installed on your smartphone => you get installed on your smartphone

and so on. Same procedures for all 30 apps.

Right now it works like that. The web app, in other words the content, is hostet on our server as a zip file and once installed there, it gets a key. When we compile the respective app, every app is based on the same model app, we compile it with this key. Therefore each app knows which app it should download.

The app is sold, through our own shop system and through the google appstore and has two advantages. First, people get rid of the advertising and second it works offline. The size of the web app to be downloaded is 1,8 GB.

Why we want a new app. a) There are some problems with the google app store. b) It doesn't run on iOS.

First approach for the new app: flutter

With flutter the proces would be the same as the one we already have. We upload the web app as zip file or in any other format and people download it by getting the app obtained and bought in the google app store or in our shop. (In case that the buy it through our shop, they get a link.) In this case ONE app should be programmed that serves as a modell and this modell should be compiled 30 times. How much would you charge for 20 apps, right now there are only 20, on the other 10 web apps we are still working, and for uploading of these 20 app to the google and the apple app store. Eventually for the app store of iOS it is needed to store the web app in an indexeddba.

Second approach: pwa

Converting the web apps to pwa would require two steps. First the web app should be converted in a pwa. In this case people get a link if they pay to get rid of the advertising and to get an offline version. People can then download the pwa through https and get it installed on their smartphone. For android the whole pwa can be downloaded and installed this way, for iOS perhaps only part of the website can be installed this way. In this case the grammar part should work offline. As far as I see it in this case the service worker and the manifest is the same for all websites and we can do that ourselves. Furthermore I think that a pwa is easier to program, porque the whole process of downloading is managed by the service worker. However, we want the icon to be installed on the desktop if the user accesses the pwa for the firt time. Some kind of progress bar, or at least some kind of information if the pwa is fully downloaded would be usefull. Furthermore we want that the user gets a clear message informing him that the download of the pwa has started.

Second step: At the second step the pwa should be wrapped in an app and, to the degree that this is possible, on the app stores. (It is completely possible on android smartphone and in part on iOS smartphones. (It seens that the apple restriction of 100 MB refers to downloading "over the air", but if the smartphone accesses the internet through a wifi, the limit is 2 GB. (With the version we have right now 16 apps can be installed at the same time on an android Smartphone.

How much would you charge for the first and the second step.

I would really appreciate an answer.

Thanks for your attention.


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