Cockatoo Spotter App - App project
Cockatoo Spotter App

Cockatoo Spotter App - App project

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Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Hong Kong
iOS · Negotiating

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Mobile app project description

Project summary:
This project will engage citizens of Hong Kong in the conservation of the city’s introduced
population of Yellow-crested Cockatoos (Cacatua sulphurea). The
population was introduced in Hong Kong in the past century, and now constitutes 10% of
the global population. This urban population provides a unique opportunity to conserve this
Critically Endangered species – but so far little is known of its basic ecology. Yellow-crested
Cockatoos are charismatic, and ideal icons for community conservation awareness
initiatives. We will develop a mobile “Cockatoo Spotter” app to provide information on the
cockatoos, and threats to their persistence. It will also include an interactive tool where
users can photograph cockatoos, record location, date, group size, behaviours and
interactions with other flora or fauna. This will engage citizen science to collect valuable
ecological data on this species throughout Hong Kong.

Project objectives:
• Engage, educate and energise the Hong Kong public regarding the conservation of
Yellow-crested Cockatoos, and the value of Hong Kong’s urban diversity.
• Mobilise citizen science to collect valuable ecological data on Yellow-crested
Cockatoos throughout their range in Hong Kong.

Expected outcomes:
• At least 200 downloads of the app from members of the public
• 2 outreach events/stations to promote the app within cockatoo range
• At least 200 data entries (locations, group size, behavior, interactions of Yellow-
crested Cockatoos with other species of flora and fauna) from the public
• Conduct a survey of residents in cockatoo range via postal questionnaire before and
after cockatoo app launch to measure impact of app on awareness
• Present app and survey findings to HKSAR Legislative Councillor Hui Chi-fung, Ted

Our proposed research will utilise the power of citizen science to help describe the hereto
relatively unknown ecology of Yellow-crested Cockatoos, as well as pinpoint specific threats
to this species going forward. Ultimately, we hope our research will contribute to greater
understanding of this Critically Endangered species, and enable us to propose solutions for
its conservation.
The foremost aim of this initiative, however, is to educate, engage and energise the
Hong Kong public about the Yellow-crested Cockatoo population that we host in the urban
centre of our city, and inspire them to learn more about the impressive biodiversity that can be found here – which is worth conserving. Through technology we can interactively reach
all parts of Hong Kong society, and mobilise it to protect our cockatoos, and our

Number of Service Targets:
200 members of the public in Hong Kong before December 2019

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