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I know nothing about app design and am having great difficulty finding a web-based dual area (registration + login) content management system (CMS) which can handle photos, video, livestreaming and provide full content Monetization.

The main users of this system is going to be on mobile, so rather than redesign, alter or try and create an HTML web version, I need an fast powerful app, specially made (Android + IoS) that can handle everything!
It needs to be able to do everything using the mobiles operating system, memory capacity and storage plus only transmit data as and when required to help save user bandwidth.

It also has to be able to deal with possible connection dropouts, or any crash situation and thus can resume easily.
There will be no meaningless rotating circle icons (one of the most useless things in my view modern apps have!) which gives no real idea what the app is doing and how long or if the process is proceeding, or not.
The app must thus be 'lite' not slowing down or bugging the system which apps tend to do, or worse crash!

In addition the app must be able to 'resume' all functions following a loss of connection, and not time out if the connection is slow.

To clarify there are two users who will have the same dual purpose app.
1. The content provider
2. The browser and downloader

Current social media systems have registration+login+uploading and other functions however very few of the content platforms currently earns the content providers anything.

YouTube has a partner program for Monetization, but it has a crazy 6 step process!
Facebook only offers adverts, subscriptions, or branded content
Others also are very difficult to setup and get going.
On most one also has to be accepted for Monetization!

I want to change that.
It's about time when someone creates something, then it's there's and THEY have a right to Monetize it.
No other app that I'm aware of does this so i cannot compare it to anything.
I recently downloaded TikTok, an app which i still haven't worked out how to stop playing videos that I don't want to view, and worse when a draft video failed to upload, and I set a retry, it then begins to compile yet another file for uploading, when there's already one compiled and stored in the mobiles gallery already?!!

Firstly there has to be a standard registration + login area but for user 1, creating content, showing a gallery system allowing uploads of their own photos, video and even a live streaming feed to enable the mobile camera.

A payment control area is also needed in the app to set a chosen method of money earned transfer (for example into a Paypal account etc) with easy selection also of a content price selector (ZER0 for free samples etc) that will display under each specific content item, as shown in the gallery.
NO adverts, subscriptions, or branded content just simple price amounts so each browser can clearly see prices, and add them to their cart.

So secondly, a browser registration/login area is needed where online browsers can then search and view all content, choose downloads, pop in a cart, pay for them and then receive the actual files.

Items shown requiring payment cannot be saved or downloaded unless payment is received.
The app needs full security for access, actually TikTok using the 4 digit security code to enable quick access I thought was a very good feature.
Saves having to keep retyping the login, and the code is only held in the phone.
Fingerprint ID could also be used too?

Some token system for the payment process needs to be available for the browser to use.
Tokens can be stored as the currency which is safer than 'real money' which no doubt creates many problems so for simplicity the payment process would just need a topup of credit tokens via a credit card etc and then those tokens are used to pay for content items, the items showing how many tokens are required.

The app will be based for content creation users in Thailand, so maybe a dual Thai + English language ability might be good but is not essential.
The app MUST provide an easy way for any content model to quickly create their own filespace, upload and content manage that all from just their mobile phone.
A dedicated server can handle all of the backend processing and/or file storage sent to and from the app however the website will NOT be shown as www, everything is done via the app.

The app can either be dual layout enabling use of both users together OR can be split and an option available on which app needs to be downloaded for which user.

This hopefully gives a good overview as to what is needed but there is limited text allowance here so for further info, please enquire
The budget is estimated between 15-20k because this app needs to be on both OS, and process ALL commands in that operating system and device only passing data back to the server when needed.
This allows for a low data usage from the client.

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