App Developers in Metro Manila, Philippines ONLY PLEASE - App project

App Developers in Metro Manila, Philippines ONLY PLEASE - App project

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Budget: High (USD) · Location: Canada, British Columbia
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Mobile app project description

INTRODUCTION: Looking for a seasoned app/website developer in Metro Manila, Philippines with strong database and ecommerce experience. You must have an office with A/C. I will come to your office (from Canada) to work with you in bringing life to my design. I prefer to work directly with your programmers & designers 8 hours a day (4 days/week) for 2 months. It may take you longer to finish the project but at least I will be there the first 2 months. I am aware of the ECQ and how I must quarantine for 10 days due to COVID. I have had my Covid Vaccine. I wish to request that your employees wear masks while meeting with me. If your development business is purely virtual, do not reply to this project. I need to be face to face in person (not virtual) at your office.

THE PROJECT "CHRONICLE": An app (iOS & Android) and a website that chronicles the life of the user by recording, uploading creating videos, photos & other platforms that can be organized and classified in a simple format that can be easily retrieved either thru the search field or the file manager. The user’s content may also be shared in all formats in different time lines (present and future).

CONTENT: Let's take for example my friend, John, has a birthday party that I wish to chronicle. I will take videos of John blowing the birthday candle and opening gifts. Likewise I will be taking photographs throughout the entire time. In the first page of the app there will be a video icon. Tap once and the device's video app is accessed and utilized. User taps on the record button and it records the event. Tap on the Stop button and it will take you to the Chronicle's next page which will ask the user to classify the video with the following fields:

Event Name
Date & time (auto stamped)
Location (geolocation enabled)
Venue name
+ (PLUS icon that indicates user can create unlimited fields)

All data inputted above by the user in all fields is stored in the database and will appear in future searches.

FILE: I prefer a simple FILE MANAGER similar to Windows but with a better way to categorize the user's content. All data inputted can be retrieved in various ways. Each time the user chronicles any content, the user will be prompted to classify the video or photo so that it can easily be retrieved in the future. The FILE MANAGER will be called MY CHRONICLES, which is where all of the user's content will be stored. User can access MY CHRONICLES (which will be one of the lower navigation bar at the bottom of the app page in every page) to peruse through the file categories or the search field.

SHARE: Now that I have taken the videos and photos of John birthday party, I can choose to share it with him and others either now through email, social media, text, messaging, etc. either now or at a future date.

UPLOAD: User can also upload existing files in other locations (desktop, cloud, phone, etc) to the app.

SOCIAL MEDIA: There will be a social media feature similar to Instagram with stories, feeds, and all standard features of a social media program. If there were 50 people at John's birthday party, I can invite them to view the videos of John's birthday party by signing up to be a member of the app & website.

OWNER DASHBOARD: You will create a comprehensive back end that has all of the core statistics and main metrics so that management can see the most current status of the Project's activities.

USER DASHBOARD & PROFILE PAGE: Standard User Profile programming with user's profile pic, name, email, cell phone number and demographic info. In addition, it will have the features to transfer from the lite version and pay for the full version.

MEMBERSHIP/INVITE FRIENDS: A sophisticated membership program is required that integrates membership & inviting friends connected to getting the user's membership to be free. Membership is free for 6 months or 100 megabytes of storage free (lite version) which ever comes first. But as the user invites friends who sign up to a full member, the free membership is extended to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years and lifetime.

AD MANAGER: Advertisers interested in advertising in the app and/or website can do so using a 10 step process.

ECOMMERCE: All payments will go through the ecommerce platform (TBD) which includes membership and advertiser payments.

AMAZON SERVERS: I prefer to use Amazon servers instead of anything else. I have used Amazon before with my other apps and I appeal to their costs and service provided.

DON'T DO: The detailed explanation given here shall be enough for you to give me a ball-park figure estimate of what the project will cost using 3 platforms (iOS, Android, website). Please, I request that you kindly do not ask me for wireframes. I do not wish to share them at this time. When I select you & we sign the contract via AppFutura & you provide me with the work specs & your fees, only then I will send you the wireframes.

START DATE: 22 March 2022

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