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About iOS

iOS data and market share

iOS is a mobile operating system by Apple and it is an exclusive OS for Apple’s hardware like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iOS is the second OS after Android. Steve Jobs founded the OS in 2007. 1 million of the apps found on the App Store are native for iPads and all the iOS apps available have been downloaded 130 billion times. There are a total of 2,200,000 apps available.

You can find all the latest news about iOS on the yearly event of Apple, the WWDC. Apple released the new 11.0 beta 4 version of the OS for iOS app developers to test before they launch it to all mobile users around the world on July 2017.

Why you should develop an iOS app

iOS was born within the Apple space, the most known tech company worldwide. With the iOS you can develop an app for iPads, iPhones, Apple Car, HomeKit or iWatch. With an iOS app you can be sure that the most famous mobile devices will have access to it.

iOS users spend more money on apps, either buying them or with in-app purchases. iOS users are a very interesting target to always keep in mind. Having an iOS app means that you can reach all the Apple products and their users.

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