Internet of Things App Developers

Internet of Things App Developers


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About Internet of Things

Internet of Things data and market share

IoT, short for Internet Of Things, is the idea that all devices are able to connect and exchange data with one another through internet. Appliances, vehicles and any type of device will be able to connect via Wi-Fi and exchange that information with other devices. To do that, these devices need to be controlled by software, an application that will process the data to be exchanged in a useful way.

The concept of IoT has been around for decades with a Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon University becoming the first device connected to the Internet in the world as soon as 1982. But IoT potential has increased thanks to the availability of faster Internet services and new sensors and technologies. A multitude of platforms for IoT development have appeared over the last few years attracting major players such as Amazon Web Services IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, IBM Watson IoT Platform, Salesforce, Bosch, Cisco and even General Electrics. It is an exciting new trend that will surely become an important part of our lives in the next few years.

Why you should develop an Internet of Things app

Internet of Things is the next big thing in mobile as lots of experts say: Qualcomm, Wired or Statista. The 5G connectivity will also help a lot with the expansion of IoT throughout the mobile world, as we could see on the last MWC 2017.

We are headed to a world where connected electronic devices are a real thing, where new possibilities appear every day. From home appliances, cars to home automation, any kind of object that can connect via internet, and obtain and send information to a control centre 8the smartphone) can be part of the Internet of Things.

Within the home automation sector we already have Alexa and Amazon Echo. Virtual or voice assistants are also a helpful tool for the expansion of IoT. The improvements that voice assistants have experienced thanks to Machine Learning make the future of IoT very promising.

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