Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers

Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers

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Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers

on Web Developers at Jan 28, 2020 07:25

Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers  

As a web developer, you have have some basic skill in this era- 2020. Today I am discussing those skills-
1. Learning & Updating yourself: You have to learn more and more about this industry and keep yourself updated. 
2. Time Management: European says 'time is money'. If you can't use your time properly, you may fail your project. So, make a to-do-list as well as set remainder. 
3. HTML, CSS & JavaScript: These are three basic pillars or foundation to develop yourself initially. 

4. Responsive Design: As a web developer you have to have this knowledge of responsive design because modern 60% customers use mobile device for online search. 

5. GIT & Debugging: I recommend last two skills you have to. GIT & Debugging are very much important if you work in a project. 

You can follow my written blog where I explained top 10 skills how to be a good skilled web developer in this 21 century. 

Sourav Sharma

Re: Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers

on Web Developers at Feb 12, 2020 11:54

I agree with your points. Thanks for sharing with us! 

Re: Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers

on Web Developers at Feb 27, 2020 10:23

A web developer should be have these 5 essential skills in order to be successful.

Must have coding knowledge: Two components HTML and CSS are the building blocks of all web development, so it’s important for a web developer to know these technologies substantially. In order to be successful it’s important to understand how these technologies work together:  HTML sets the structure on the page while CSS change or modify the way it looks.
Beyond the Basics: HTML and CSS is the staple of web development. Every beginner starts with them, but they both are used differently with different methods. As I mentioned earlier, the only skills you need to know as a web developer are those that helps you to meet the needs of your specific clients. But moreover, you need to consider what clients you want to work with and what websites or apps you want to build.
Become a master researcher: One important skill for web developer is to research and find the information about the language you’re coding in. you don’t need to memorize the language completely but you do need to know how to find the information.
Be a team player: In order to stand out and be an odd you need to be a teamplayer and should be able to manage all the problems efficiently.
Be a learner: Learning new techniques is one of the important aspect that a web developer needs to know. he needs to learn new techniques and tools and should be able to implement them. learning is always the next phase to success.
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