How to Convert Your Website to PWA?

How to Convert Your Website to PWA?

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How to Convert Your Website to PWA?

on Web Developers at Jul 06, 2018 14:40

Let's admit: We all are familiar with the growing popularity of PWA. The PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are becoming the future of the mobile industry. Considering the same, are you wondering how to turn your website into a PWA? If so, this tutorial is really helpful for you:
Tutorial for Migrating Your Website into a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Re: How to Convert Your Website to PWA?

on Web Developers at Dec 09, 2018 19:46

3-step set up process of a PWA out of your regular website:

Step 1: Go HTTPS to Convert Your Website to a Progressive Web App.
Step 2: Create a Web App Manifest.
Step 3: Set Up Your Service Worker
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