Can drupal run on windows?

Can drupal run on windows?

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Can drupal run on windows?

on Web Developers at Aug 11, 2020 15:03

Re: Can drupal run on windows?

on Web Developers at Aug 12, 2020 09:43

Majority of the time Drupal will be installed on a Linux system, including Ubuntu with either the LAMP or LEMP stack… However, there are some open source projects today that are making it possible to install Drupal on Microsoft Windows desktops and servers. One such project is XAMPP… XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl.
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Re: Can drupal run on windows?

on Web Developers at Aug 12, 2020 20:09

You will need to set up a local test site on your Windows box. To set up a windows box you will need to do the below listed on your computer

Install the software that Drupal needs in order to run.
Install Drupal itself.

You can do both of these at the same with an installer that includes Drupal, or you can install each piece of software individually.
Installers that include Drupal,
Acquia Dev Desktop - includes Drush and Xmail.
AMMPS - with Softaculous Easy-installer to install Drupal.

AMP Stack Installers (without Drupal)
Several packages exist which install Apache, PHP, MySQL, the so-called AMP stack, and some other useful components in one easy download. These include the following:

EasyPHP - has both Apache and Nginx.
MAMP - has support for Windows, has both Apache and Nginx.
UwAmp - has both MySql and SQLite.
Wamp.NET - has both Apache and Nginx, has both Mysql and MariaDB.
WampServer - has both MySql and MariaDB.

Then you can follow the instructions in the standard installation guide.

For More info, visit
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