Blisk: A new Development Browser

Blisk: A new Development Browser

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Blisk: A new Development Browser

on Web Developers at Jun 23, 2016 13:13

Blisk is the latest program pointed exclusively at expert web designers for prototyping, coding, troubleshooting and testing the tasks. Blisk accompanies a clever pre-installed set of famous gadgets in imitated mode that makes it simple for developers to test how their code renders over various devices and programs. The application utilizes the same engine as that of Chrome, Opera and so on. Blisk works out of the case on any website page with negligible design, and there's less need to open numerous programs with various components, for example, scroll-synchronization and automatic refreshing the page.

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Re: Blisk: A new Development Browser

on Web Developers at Aug 29, 2017 13:53

Blisk brings the power of both Chrome and developer benefits of Firefox Developer Edition. Given the features, it is certainly a revolutionary way of web development.

There are more new features yet to be added to Blisk, which are Page Analysis, Steps Report, Teamwork, and Integrations. Given the potential, it will be interesting to see how developers take advantage of this growing tool in coming future.
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