Better Website: Your way to success

Better Website: Your way to success

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Better Website: Your way to success

on Web Developers at Aug 27, 2019 08:19

A better website helps you a lot like increasing your business promotion, easy to access to your customers, building your trust factors, saving time, money and energy,  improving customer services, 24 accessibility etc. To reach more customers, you need a good website. In this era, without a website, you are not fully complete in your business. By your site, you can earn money also. For controlling your business activities, you need a good website. 
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Re: Better Website: Your way to success

on Web Developers at Aug 28, 2019 09:32

Thank you so much to share this important information for me

Re: Better Website: Your way to success

on Web Developers at Nov 08, 2019 14:23

What is your design process

Being a customer-oriented company, we have kept a simple and result-driven web design process at SAG IPL and recommend the same to others as well.

Analysing client’s requirements: First, we meet up with the client, gather and understand their requirements.
Planning: Based on initial analysis, a strategy for web design is planned by our team.
Design: The actual design phases include wireframing, layout design, interface and UI design, testing, etc.
Testing: The design is tested by us in both manual and automated systems to find out and remove bugs (if any).
Delivery: The final design is delivered to the client. Then, if they want any changes, the same is made and the design is deployed as needed.

Website Speed Issue

I have some recommendations that you can try to improve the speed of your mobile website:

Analyse and try to minimise server response time if possible
Check Google’s speed checker tool ( to analyse and improve your page speed
Avoid redirects on your mobile pages
Try to optimize your site’s round-trip-time (RTT)
Optimize your server to load above-the-fold content first
If you are using JS in the code, put it at the bottom of the page to allow faster loading and parallel downloads
Optimize JS and CSS on your site by eliminating irrelevant data
Reduce the size of files, images, etc. using gzip compression

Hope this helps!

Website Start-Up Business

There are a number of resources through which you can learn the basics of website development. You can join w3schools for learning languages like HTML, CSS and PHP. This will enable you to write basic web pages.

But, I recommend you start learning WordPress development, as it is easier and requires minimal coding knowledge. With WordPress, you can build websites with existing themes. All you have to do is to optimize and customize a theme according to the client’s requirements. Of course, it will take time and practice to learn, but it is worth it, as the demand is quite good.

For SEO learning, I recommend the following resources:
Google Webmaster Central Blog

Good luck!

Best tool for real estate web design

There are multiple web design/development tools which you can use to create a simple website without any coding knowledge. Some of these include,, Carrd, Bubble, Hype 3.0, among others.

However, if you are looking to build a professional real estate website in a budget, I recommend hiring a reputable web design company.
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