Becoming a Good Web Developer

Becoming a Good Web Developer

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Becoming a Good Web Developer

on Web Developers at Feb 02, 2020 06:58

Becoming a Good Web Developer  

There are several ways to become a good web developer. Today I want to point out about it-
1. Be Humble : You have to have the humbleness in yourself if you want t really a good software engineer. 
2. Learn to write clean code : At the first time of starting try to write clean code. 
3. Practice : Practice makes a man perfect. So we have to practice more and more before start a real project. 
4. Don't ask questions immediately: When you don't understand somethings, or you are not clear about that particular  thing, don't ask questions immediately. Just try to solve by yourself and then finally take support from your seniors. 

You can learn more about it from one of my colleague's blog
Sourav Sharma

Re: Becoming a Good Web Developer

on Web Developers at Feb 06, 2020 07:35

Thanks for sharing!
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