Top React Native Development Companies 2018

Top React Native Development Companies 2018

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Developers AppFutura

Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at Mar 06, 2018 14:56

Little by little, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of React. For that reason, we want to publish a new post on our App Developers Blog featuring the Top React Native developers of 2018. As you might know, React Native is essentially a framework that helps mobile app developers create native applications, both for Android and iOS platforms.

If your mobile app development company uses React Native tools and you believe you should be featured, please let us know so AppFutura can evaluate your candidacy. Remember to include a brief paragraph telling us about your experience as a React Native development company.

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Re: Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at Mar 07, 2018 15:53

Hey guys,

Thanks for asking!

We use a tool (Appzio) that makes it easier for companies to deliver 100% native solutions, faster. Yes it is built by us, so it sounds like a pitch, yet the reality is it works and is used by wide variety of companies - from startups to big international enterprises.

With this said, React Native is also good and it has a big community. Yet, due to it not really using native components, it cannot access some key hardware features (like fingerpirnt) which makes it a No-No technology for multiple hot areas like IOT and fintech, for example. If this is not an issue and price is irrelevant then it is a good choice for multiple projects and still better than developing for each platform separately.

These are my two cent. With this said, if someone wants to test Appzio, I will arrange a free test-run for Appfutura companies - just ping me.
Visit website

Re: Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at Mar 08, 2018 11:40

Thanks for the opportunity!

We, at Appinventiv, employ Visual Studio IDE and Atom IDE along with Android Studio and Xcode for React Native application development. We have explored the potential of React Native in diverse forms and are on the quest to explore and use its potential in a better and profitable manner.

So far, we have developed three mobile apps based on React Native platform. We handled the UI complexities effectively and implemented several functionalities in React native app development, including but not restricted to:
- Social media integration,
- Calendar and Event-based functionality,
- Support for Realm database,
- Map integration,
- Chat feature using Firebase,
- Analytics,
- Notifications using FCM, PUSH, etc.

We not only put our best efforts to provide high-end React native mobility solutions to our clients but also strive to share our knowledge and encourage others for React Native development. So, if you are interested in getting a comprehensive knowledge of the mobile application development tools and technique, visit our blog page.

Re: Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at Mar 12, 2018 08:21

We have been working with React Native for almost two years now. The platform is an excellent solution for building cost-effective, highly polished platform agnostic apps without the overhead of maintaining multiple code bases. The most significant advantage is of course performance and maintainability. As the apps written using React Native are compiled natively, it doesn't get into the typical pitfalls of the traditional hybrid apps.

When we first started using React Native, we were a little skeptical for long-term support, ease of use, and platform-specific compromises. However, as we dug deeper, we almost fell in love with the technology. This is quickly becoming our weapon of choice for multi-platform development. We have worked on a variety of apps using React Native that includes simple apps like kid's interactive books to complicated business solutions.

These apps involve features such as:

1) Geolocation.
2) Advanced Animations.
3) Analytics and Notifications.
4) AWS Backend.
5) Third-party software integration (Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.)
6) Stipe split payments.
7) In-app Purchase

The UX and UI were at par with the native applications, and our clients are happy that we recommended React Native over the traditional native development. As we progress in 2018, we are hoping to use more and more of React Native for the simple reasons of reusability, ease of maintenance and stellar performance.

More details about our react native development services at

The OCDLab team
Developers AppFutura

Re: Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at Mar 20, 2018 17:56

We've published the list featuring the Top React Native Development Companies 2018 on our blog. Thank you all for taking the time to answer our questions!

Remember that you can always add React Native as one of your expertise categories on your  profile, and don't forget to include a description explaining why you're a great React Native development company.

Re: Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at Apr 23, 2018 15:23

Thanks for featuring Intuz as one of the top react-native development company. We have a great experience working on React Native projects and have contributed React Native components on Gitlab repositories.
Recrosoft Technologies

Re: Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at May 18, 2018 16:27

React Native is a new technology developed by Facebook which is transforming the entire mobile app development industry with its efficiency and speed. React Native is open source, provide rapid development, has re-usable code and rich ecosystem. Earlier hybrid app development was not so preferred due to lack of highly functional native components. But now with React Native, it is possible to integrate native components to develop a hybrid app.

Recro is best React Native App Development Company for iOS & Android. At Recro we combine design thinking, Lean and Agile to you achieve market leading performance.
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Re: Top React Native Development Companies 2018

on Top app development companies at May 25, 2018 14:53

Although React Native emerges as a UI development where web developers can incorporate the concept of web framework in mobile app development, it has some cons as well. The documentation is too mature to be understood by young people whereas native app development is fast and allows access to APIs.

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