Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

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Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

on App Development at Dec 14, 2017 16:17

Samsung has become the Internet of Things leader. With over 100 million devices sold, the Korean company has expanded smart appliances to start its path to the smart home in the near future.

But this path also comes with a new operating system, Tizen. Tizen is an open-source operating system developed by Samsung with the help of the Linux Mobile Foundation. Since 2010, the company has been developing the IoT operating system. Though it was launched with 4 smartphones from Samsung, the market share during 2017’s Q1 was of 0% with only 70.000 units sold.

On AppFutura's blog we will publish an extended article about Tizen and its future towards IoT, the new Tizen IoT framework as well as the vulnerabilities that the software had some months ago.

But what do you think about Tizen OS as mobile app developers? Have you developed any mobile app or are you looking to develop any IoT app with this operating system? We think that Tizen should be on your development list because:
* The number of worldwide devices running Tizen is over 100 million
* Samsung has really improved the UI and UX
* A smart tv app that works on Tizen is already a must

Are you willing to work on a Tizen IoT app? Or do you think that it is something trendy and it will not have an impact in the future?
Gerard Escaich

Re: Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

on App Development at Jan 03, 2018 12:49

We still have to see how Samsung will evolve using Tizen OS and it's implementation on Internet of Things and to see if it becomes the future of IoT or it is just another OS with an expiring date. The good news for Samsung, at least, is that Tizen will be the leader on Smart TVs market share during this year. As explained on IoT Gadgets, formerly known as tizenexperts, Samsung will have over 70% of the Smart TV market share. Since 2011, when the first Samsung Smart TV was launched the Korean company has improved its market share year after year, reaching over the 65% during 2016.
The best news for users is that, as Samsung explained, they are willing to implement Bixby, the company's AI into their TVs and not only into their smartphones.
Gerard Escaich

Re: Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

on App Development at Jan 04, 2018 13:07

We have some news about the competition that Tizen OS could have while trying to be the main actor for the future of IoT. It is called Artificial Intelligence and it's arriving to Hisense Smart TV's as well as LG's Smart TVs. After Samsung, LG and Hisense are the second and third top smart TV sellers, according to an article from China Daily back in 2016.
The problem for Tizen OS, and for Samsung is that both companies will implement good and already popular AI assistants. As The Verge explained, Hisense will implement Amazon Alexa on some of its Smart TV devices. Whereas LG has opted to implement Google's AI to its Smart TVs when presented at this year's edition of CES.
Of course you can control your Samsung Smart TV using Voice Commands, but it is not as pleasant as speaking to Alexa or Google's Assistant. Recently we learnt that Samsung will implement Bixby on the software of Tizen OS of its Smart TVs but could it probably be late for the Korean company? Or it will still be the main manufacturer for Smart TVs around the globe, despite not having a good artificial intelligence assistant?
Gerard Escaich

Re: Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

on App Development at Jan 09, 2018 11:56

Samsung has been quite busy during these last days with the presentation of the new products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It has announced that on 2020 all its devices will be intelligent appliances. To start towards that route, Samsung is implementing its own Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Bixby, on its TVs, which won't be smart any more because they will become intelligent TVs. Of course, we can't forget The 4 biggest announcements from Samsung’s CES 2018 keynote with the new products.

As we announced on our previous comments on this thread, on AppFutura we published the article What every app developer must know about Tizen OS. What are your thoughts on the article? Do you think Tizen OS security issues can affect the interest of Samsung when trying to create the Smart Things ecosystem?

Re: Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

on App Development at Jan 09, 2018 13:48

Samsung is not only trying to bring popularity to Tizen OS in the field of IoT but is also developing various other gadgets to promote the OS. Now, they have introduced a digital whiteboard Flip that will allow at most four people to engage with the board and share information at the same time. The board offers both wired and wireless connectivity options that make it easier to share the information.

Re: Is Tizen OS the future of IoT?

on App Development at Jan 10, 2018 12:45

Hello everyone!

Thank you AppInventiv for the digital whiteboard Flip news! Very interesting. Of course Samsung is already spreading the word on Tizen, even though it's old, I have found this article from August 2017 that already announced the increase of Tizen app developers:
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