New Mobile App Development Trends

New Mobile App Development Trends

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New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Jun 09, 2016 13:39

Mobile apps are like our all-time companion these days, which entertain us as well as perform important tasks for us. With the advent of new technologies, app developers are also trying to incorporate interesting features in the apps to increase functionality. Currently, a number of new mobile app development trends have emerged and developers are focusing on them strongly to enhance the user experience. Take a look at the new trends in mobile app development, which promise exciting possibilities:
Christie Rodriguez

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Dec 08, 2016 07:08

5 Mobile Development Trends for 2016 -
1.The Mobile Revolution

2.Location-Based Services (LBS)


4.Health Care

5.Unbundling Google

6.Social Media 2.0.

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Jun 27, 2017 14:03

As the usage of mobile apps in increasing with a rapid pace and trends are changing at the same pace. Keeping track on the trends and being updated with the trends is very important. Here's our infographic post on the same. Check it out: ... ends-2017/

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Jun 27, 2017 16:09

We cannot imagine passing off an entire day without peeping on our smart phone screen every second. No way this new trend will cease to exist rather it is slowly becoming an integral part of our very existence. Mobile App developers are constantly breaking their head, trying to improvise the existing apps by adding more unique features to them and also discovering new ones in the Playstore.
Technology has breathed a fresh air into the applications, giving rise to a couple of innovative apps that are here to stay. We are witnessing a growing trend in certain specific fields that will rule the Appstore in this current year. A few such trends has been mentioned here such as:

Enhanced security
More apps developed on multiplatforms
Ar & Vr concept gaining more importance
Micro Apps & Service specific Apps such as Healthcare Apps
Cloud based Apps acquiring popularity
Location based services on the rise with Beacons
IoT and Artificial Intelligence bringing new changes

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Jul 26, 2017 12:32

Hi guys,

This is about 2016, but it's time to move on!  :o

2017 is here and we have compiled for you in this blog post what development companies need to check out for the second half of 2017:

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Aug 10, 2017 12:21

Thanks for sharing the blog.
We have a bright future full of latest technologies waiting ahead.
Looking forward to work on such interesting technology in future. :)

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Aug 21, 2020 15:37

From leisure to necessities, apps have become part and parcel of our lives. As an entrepreneur, it is pivotal to remain updated with the latest trends such as the integration of AR/VR, blockchain technology, cloud-integrated mobile apps, etc. A well written mobile app development guide can do wonders and bring focus to the ideas that are trending so that these trends can be implemented. Always remember in this competitive market, remaining technically geared up is the key to success.

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Mar 22, 2022 11:05

The mobile app development industry is growing at a break-neck speed. This year, we will see AR & VR shaping the mobile app development industry in forms we can’t even speculate. The mobile app trend will go more mainstream. According to Statista, the worldwide market of VR and AR mobile app development will rise from $27 billion in 2018 to about $209 billion in 2022.

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Aug 23, 2022 17:47

The mobile app development industry is continuously evolving. Technology advancements, consumer demands, and a wide range of other factors have a direct impact on mobile app trends.
Mobile App Development Trends has become a rat race to make apps and try to make them unique. Since the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store have more than a million apps, it’s not easy to make an app that stands out. The truth is that it’s almost impossible unless you keep up with the latest trends in mobile app development and know how to use them to make apps that are strong and full of features.

Re: New Mobile App Development Trends

on App Development at Sep 08, 2022 09:25

Mobile applications are the most effective tools for business growth. Needless to say, the mobile app development sector is booming. Check out the popular enterprise mobility trends of 2022!
Cross-platform app development: The cross-platform developmental approach is preferred over native development as it reduces the project cost and speeds up development.
IoT (Internet of things): Smart IoT-powered solutions simplify business processes and allow entrepreneurs to
manage tasks efficiently and with minimal errors. IoT also helps one to make
informed decisions. 
Wearables: Wearable devices can reshape the entire enterprise communication infrastructure and easily integrates with the corporate workflow.
Blockchain technology: Blockchain apps store data in a decentralized network and ensure high-grade data security. Any data stored on Blockchain cannot be altered, stolen, or tampered with.
AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ML (Machine Learning): AI devices like chatbots and Alexa automate mundane and repetitive tasks. This reduces human workload and improves employee productivity. Machine Learning algorithms are intelligent enough to learn from the customers’ questions and prioritize the most relevant answers. This way, ML makes the search process quicker and all the more intuitive.
AR (Augmented Reality)/VR (Virtual Reality): AR/VR apps are capable of carrying out complex & challenging tasks like treating autism-affected patients, helping patients to recover from low vision-related difficulties, training pilots, and many more.
5G Network: 5G ensures a stable network connection and high-speed internet.
The Beacon technology: Beacons are battery-operated Bluetooth Low Energy devices. They transmit signals in all applications that are connected with them for triggering alerts. Beacons prove handy in security operations and also enhance the operational functions of businesses.
Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid Cloud is a great option for arranging and managing workflow across two or more computing ecosystems. It facilitates tasks like carrying out remote functions, improving scalability, managing data, handling security issues, etc.
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