Competition is that the cornerstone of business. If simply one company was dominating each individual market, the innovation shoppers and enterprise users round the world relish nowadays would not be nearly as advanced because it is. In fact, it's quite attainable that the terribly things many people hold granted would not even be out there.
Yet within the mobile software package house, there are a unit multiple legal battles being waged that Google claims stifle competition. Currently, Google's automaton software package is being targeted by a number of corporations, as well as Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, over charges that the platform violates patents command by those corporations. Microsoft has been thus effective in targeting automaton, in fact, that it currently has entered into licensing agreements with vendors manufacturing over 50% of all the Android-based devices striking store shelves.
It gets worse. Apple supporters say that automaton copies iOS and has become fortunate by as well as their favorite company's ideas. Automaton partisans, however, claim that Apple's OS copies automaton, inform to options like iOS Notification Center. There’s no straightforward thanks to solve the talk.
But ought to us? The very fact is, automaton Associate in Nursing iOS area unit sturdy competitors that try to achieve a whip hand with every new package unharness. That is smart for all stakeholders-including Apple and Google. Browse on to seek out why:

1. It makes Apple see its faults

It's easy for Apple to become cocksure. Nearly all over the corporate turns it hears praise and flattery from its several admirers for delivering outstanding product to the market. However, Android's continuing innovation is creating Apple understand its own faults. Consider, as an example, the addition of Notification Center to iOS five. Automaton has long had an analogous feature. The iPhone maker saw the error of its ways in which and addressed it. While not automaton, World Health Organization is aware of if that may have happened?

2. A lot of automaton versions

Each year, Google releases many completely different versions of automaton that in a method or another improve upon their predecessors. This year, as an example, Google has offered up automaton three.0 Honeycomb and enhancements to automaton a pair of.3 cake. It’ll presently bring automaton four.0 frozen dessert Sandwich to the market. If it weren't for the competition it faces from iOS, World Health Organization is aware of if Google would feel thus compelled to unharness new and improved versions of its mobile platform thus often?

3. It helps vendors sell a lot of devices

As mentioned, competition within the mobile OS house is sweet for everybody. In fact, it helps vendors. Right now, many telephone manufacturers, as well as Samsung, LG and Motorola, suppose Google's automaton platform to work their corporations. If automaton was a loser, they would not be ready to sell too several product. However due to the competition Google faces from Apple, it keeps cathartic new and improved versions, that permits vendors to unharness new devices supported those versions.

4. Market domination is that the death knell

It's clear that if one company's technology command an awesome advantage over the mobile OS market, innovation would suffer to the harm of all itinerant consumers. However that is nothing new. Domination in any market creates stagnation and makes the leading company lazy, content and a lot of inclined to realize the maximum amount profit while not apace up its technology to the advantage of customers and partners. Luckily, we do not have that within the mobile OS house owing to sturdy competition. And we're cashing in on it.

5. It brings alternative package vendors into the fold

The nice factor concerning competition is it permits alternative corporations to interrupt into a market. Too often, there are a unit markets that area unit dominated by one firm that give no points of entry for smaller startups. However with a lot of competition, it's easier for a product to create a reputation for itself. Within the mobile OS market, that is particularly the case. Right now, Windows Phone seven and Samsung's Bada software package area unit slowly however for certain creating inroads, at the same time as automaton and iOS still dominate. If just one OS was dominating, World Health Organization is aware of if those operative systems would even have a chance?

6. Tablets can solely improve

The big issue within the pill house is that there's extremely just one company-Apple-building the devices folks need. However with competition from automaton and facilitate from vendors, which may presently modification. Take, as an example, the expected Gregorian calendar month launch of the Amazon Kindle hearth. That device, which works on sale for simply $199, is meant to ascertain a grip within the pill market. If it's fortunate, it'll conjointly facilitate automaton become an a lot of worrisome contestant to iOS. Can it take down the iPad? In all probability not. However it'll arguably be the primary product to prove that alternative corporations besides Apple will achieve tablets. It's counting on automaton to try to it.

7. It pushes costs down

The nice factor concerning competition is that it usually pushes costs down. After all, if an organization that is losing on options cannot gain Associate in Nursing whip hand, its most suitable choice is to win on worth. Within the mobile OS market, automaton and iOS evaluation is not at play, however telephone evaluation is. Apple has been forced to stay iPhone and iPad evaluation identical owing to the threats it faces from competitors running automaton. Corporations running automaton on their devices are cautious of evaluation product too high for worry of trying too pricy against the iPhone. Build no mistake, automaton and iOS competition is keeping smartphone and pill costs down. And looking out ahead, they may decline even more.

8. Take into account the advertising angle

There's a lot of to the competition between automaton and iOS than simply market share. Currently, each Apple and Google try to achieve a stranglehold on the mobile-advertising market. Apple has iAd, whereas Google has AdMob. Due to the competition between those corporations, neither company has been ready to absolutely take hold over the mobile-ad market. That is an honest factor as a result of the lot of competition therein house, the better it's for users to avoid unwanted and intrusive ads.

9. It splits cyber-criminal focus

As we have seen within the desktop software package house, once one platform has all the market share, cyber-criminals can target it as a result of that's wherever the foremost potential profit is. It is the reasons why Windows is targeted on a daily basis and mackintosh OS X could be a tougher nut to crack for cyber-criminals. Within the mobile house, however, cyber-criminals cannot focus all their efforts on one platform since the market is divided principally between iOS and automaton. That produces it tougher for cyber-criminals to noticeably compromise the protection of either automaton or iOS, and it offers Apple and Google longer to contain outbreaks.

10. It offers enterprise users a lot of choices

Prior to the launch of the iPhone, enterprise users extremely solely had one possibility out there to them: BlackBerry. Since then, however, with automaton and iOS putt pressure on RIM within the company world, corporations have three-and if you embrace Windows Phone seven, four-options out there to them once deciding to deploy new smartphones. Within the IT house, having a lot of choices is very necessary. And due to the competition automaton and iOS area unit transfer to the market, IT managers have all the choices they have.