Hybrid App Development – Pros and Cons

Hybrid App Development – Pros and Cons

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Hybrid App Development – Pros and Cons

on Cross Platform Developers at Apr 28, 2016 14:27

The age-old debate about native app vs hybrid app development continues. While native application fully capitalizes all the features of a mobile device and its operating system, hybrid apps lets you reach your target audience across platforms reducing time and costs. So which option works for you?

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Re: Hybrid App Development – Pros and Cons

on Cross Platform Developers at Apr 11, 2018 16:08

The debate will never end on whether native app development is more beneficial than the hybrid one. Irrespective of the fact that native apps take optimum utilization of all the features of the particular device and operating system, yet the hybrid platform has a lot to offer.
Targeting a wider yet highly fragmented user market at the minimal price and shortest app development time is only possible when a hybrid platform is chosen for the particular application.

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