Best Word Press Plugins for Mobile App Optimization

Best Word Press Plugins for Mobile App Optimization

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Best Word Press Plugins for Mobile App Optimization

on Cross Platform Developers at Aug 26, 2016 09:06

Undoubtedly, advancements in mobile technology have also got along them dramatic changes in the way website users behave. It is true that with the increase in the continuous invention of superior mobile devices, there’s a significant rise in the number of users accessing the internet also on the mobile devices.

According to the research, the number of smartphone users has increased last year than the desktop users. With this trend, the need and significance of having a fully-functional and user-optimized mobile presence cannot be overlooked. For website developers and designers, it is imperative to have a mobile friendly version of their website. And if they are not, they’re likely to lose many of their potential customers and lack behind in the competition.

For website development and designing companies, it is important to target the increasing masses of mobile internet users effectively. Hence, they must optimize their website to make it as mobile friendly as it can be. This further helps them in creating a memorable and enhanced mobile experience for mobile audience.

Talking about the WordPress, since inception, it has distinguished itself as the most popular CMS platform, besides being part of the most common blogging platform. Roughly 20% of top industries in the world use WordPress-supported websites today.

Its simplicity and the extent make it an ideal solution for website design and development and content creation. Moreover, the CMS it offers is highly flexible, extendable and adaptable. This is because of its free and premium plugins that it can be installed to enhance the functionality of a website.

In fact, the wordpress plugin architecture has what made it rise in terms of its popularity as these plugins have the potential for extension of scope besides their core installation. In all, there are around 26,000 extensions offering indicating that the chances of getting a custom plugin in order to use it exactly what we need is very high.

This article focuses on plugins and extensions that can help you in making your website mobile responsive. Have a look at these Wordpress plugins that are available both as free and premium version to help you in your mobile optimization efforts.

1.WordPress Mobile Pack
While a typical plug-in delivers a mobile compatible version of an existing site, the Wordpress Mobile Plugin pack goes an extra mile creating an entire mobile web application by making use of the latest HTML5 technologies.

What’s the difference between a mobile site and a web app?

So, Facebook Lite running on the stock Android browser is an example of a mobile site. However, using Facebook on any recent version of Chrome on your smartphone is an example of web app.

When it comes to web apps, they are much more fluid in their UI and UX, have offline synching and saving capabilities and are designed to run on any platform including iOS, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry OS.

Among the tons of awesome features this plugin offers, the coolest is the one which allows you to sync various pages, posts, and comments depending on the type of the target device. Its premium version offers better customization, theme capabilities, and integration with Google ad-networks and Analytics, offline synchronization.

2.Any Mobile Theme Switcher
This incredible plugin is effective for those who want to load various themes for mobile and desktop. This simple plugin is smart enough to identify the type of platform on your smartphone or tablet like IOS, Windows Mobile, Android, and BlackBerry OS. This allows you to choose a different mobile theme for various devices.
The plugin also has a premium version ($10 USD) allowing you to display various home pages depending on the mobile device. In addition, the plugin also displays a QR code on the desktop version of the website for bookmarking of the mobile. It is also compatible with W3 Total Cache.

Another significant feature of this premium version allows you to convert any given phone number on the website to “click to call” phone numbers.

3.WP Mobile Detector
With the ability to detect more than 5000 device, this plugin enables you to serve highly specific content depending on the incoming device of the visitors.

The app has a free version that comes with 11 mobile-friendly themes, which are designed for different types of businesses including simple blogs, enterprises, and eCommerce stores. Its premium version is available at a cost of $50 and offers features like interactive mobile theme editor, visitor tracking, ad integration, and more.

4.The Mobile Theme Module by Jetpack
Jetpack is an amazing plugin developed by the developers of WordPress. This effective plugin offers myriads of features, which are applicable individually for diversified audience. On activating the Jetpack plugin, this module supersedes the active mobile version theme. In simple words, this means that if you’re accessing your website on a mobile, this mobile theme takes over.
In addition, the Jetpack plugin uses the best SEO standards and is made out of the most optimized codes, loads in no time, available for free and beautiful appearance.

5.WPtouch Mobile Plugin
WPtouch transforms your current WordPress theme into a beautiful mobile template based on the Google’s guidelines mobile site design. The premium version of the WPtouch plugin Pro provides a variety of improved themes for businesses, blogs, and WooCommerce specific themes.

It also facilitates you to buy additional extensions adding rich advertising options, mobile-only content, web-app mode, mobile site caching, advanced web typography, and more. This plugin also offers you the flexibility of buying extension individually as per your requirements giving you enhanced control on your budget.
WPtouch Pro is available at $88/year for a single website license including extensions such as Basic Ads, Web-App mode and Related Posts.

6.Mobile Smart
Capable of detecting if a user is accessing your website through the mobile and can display a selected design from your existing themes. It supports devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone 6 & 7, and more. The plugin also offers users with an option to switch between the standard and mobile theme manually. As Mobile Smart is a theme switcher, it comes with mobile capabilities and various customization, users will have to create their own mobile website version.

Various studies conducted in the field of mobile responsive website trends conclude that it’s going to grow even in the future. Google has already made it mandatory through its mobile updates for the companies to have a mobile version of their websites to stand at the top in the rankings. Therefore, companies should begin working in the same direction for better exposure, increased Google ranking and of course increased ROI.
Sakshi Sharma

Re: Best Word Press Plugins for Mobile App Optimization

on Cross Platform Developers at Aug 29, 2016 11:57

Nice post for Mobile app optimization in WordPress, then a company named software developers india as is given some eg (

Re: Best Word Press Plugins for Mobile App Optimization

on Cross Platform Developers at Aug 02, 2017 10:04

Thanks for sharing such an informative article about Mobile App Optimization.
In the ocean of mobile apps, it is extremely difficult for the application developers or development organization to list their apps so that maximum audience find and download the apps which make mobile app optimization important for us.
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