Mobile Game Development Process

Mobile Game Development Process

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Mobile Game Development Process

on Mobile Game Developers at Sep 28, 2018 12:27

Learn the hilarious mobile game development process. Read the ultimate guide and develop a mobile game application in an easy way.

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Re: Mobile Game Development Process

on Mobile Game Developers at Aug 13, 2019 15:24

Mobile game development has become a lucrative business these days owing to its growing popularity over the years across the globe. With an increased number of smartphones and growth in the latest technologies, mobile games have become more enjoyable, entertaining and interactive. But the entire process of game development is quite challenging and exciting. It involves developers, designers, testers, project managers and quality analysts who work as a team to create appealing games for the players.

The process of mobile game development involves certain vital steps which are as follows:

Coming up with an innovative idea: Here you need to emphasize the type of your mobile games, the basic reason for your game development concept, targeted gamers, why your games should become popular. Last but not least, what are the factors or elements that can be added to make your games more engaging for the players.

The story for your games: A compelling storyline is very essential to make your games distinctive and engaging. For instance, your story should involve victory parametres, game rewards, surprise gaming elements, etc.

Concept development: It will involve the representation and overview of the game. The developers work on the programming languages to make games advanced and entertaining.

Game designs: It mainly talks about the look and feel of the games. The gaming environment has to be made in such a way so that the textures and the animations serve the game logic.

Monetization options: If you wish to make a profit from the components of your game like in-app purchases, ad within apps are to be added.

Quality assurance and testing: This is equally important to ensure that the created games are free from bugs. It helps the players to experience flawless gaming. Testers test games minutely to remove the bugs that can hamper the smoothness of the play.

Launch: After testing and feedback from the players the games are finally launched at its respective stores to make it available in the open market.

Maintenance and support: In order to ensure a quality experience for the gamers game updation is essential.

Re: Mobile Game Development Process

on Mobile Game Developers at Oct 24, 2019 10:13

Game development is a very crucial and intense process. It is something that requires extreme skills and innovative design concept. An expert game development company can definitely help an app publisher to create well designed android applications with it's resources that suits the publisher's budget and requirements. But this is something which is neglected by most of the app publishing organizations who simply hires a freelancer or a totally new game development firm.

Re: Mobile Game Development Process

on Mobile Game Developers at Sep 15, 2020 16:05

Mobile gaming is a huge market for potential revenue. There are countless success stories like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird, etc. They have inspired millions to take an initiative in mobile game development. According to Admob, 62% of smartphones users install a game within the first week of purchasing their device.  This represents an immense market potential. Still, only a few mobile games are able to recover their development expenditure. Developing a successful mobile game is no cake walk. For creating a profitable game, you need to study your target markets, create an engaging gameplay and strategically monetize it. To make this process easy for you we have broken down the development process of a mobile game into 8 simple steps. Just follow them closely and you will be able to make your mark in the mobile gaming industry.
1. Work on Your Idea
2. Make it Easy yet Addictive
3. Identify the key Platforms
4. Create a Stunning Design
5. Decide Upon the Technology
6. Choose Appropriate Developers
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