6 best VPN app for android 2020

6 best VPN app for android 2020

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6 best VPN app for android 2020

on Mobile App Marketing at Mar 16, 2020 14:20

If you use your PC, smartphone or tablet quite a bit, you might’ve heard the term VPN (Virtual Private Network) once or twice, but might not know how it benefits you. They can actually benefit you quite a bit, encrypting your traffic and giving you the ability to access geo-blocked websites and services, such as Netflix, Hulu, MLB access, etc. Not only that, but they’re helpful for accessing office resources and even for torrenting some of your favorite music and movies.

There are a ton of different VPN options out there, but not all of them are quality services — some VPNs out there turn your Internet speeds to a crawl, while others will actually improve your Internet speeds. If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best VPNs you can get for your Android device right now!

Hub VPN  - Fast & Secure

Hub VPN Pro — Better than Free VPN (No Ads) application offers you the unlimited bandwidth and access to many virtual locations that a user can get benefit of. The Hub VPN application can make it easy for user to access thousands of restricted websites easily just by pressing a single button. To make it more secure than a typical proxy server VPN location changer application encrypts your internet connectivity in order to keep the user away from the reach of third party sources that can track all the user’s online activity.

Main Features of Hub VPN :

* American VPN Servers

* Hide Your IP and Location

* Bypass Site Blocking Free

* Access Public Wi-Fi Securely with Hub Vpn Pro

* Global Video Streaming

* Servers in 20+ Locations

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a VPN that makes the connection process easy. Simply launch the app, press the connect button, and you’re ready to go! This is a lightning fast VPN that is engineered to keep your privacy secure and protected — you don’t have to worry about hackers or advertisers trying to pull your information with this VPN. They don’t record any activity or connection logs either.

In addition, the VPN will not only work on WiFi, but will work on 3G, 4G, and LTE networks as well. There are also hundreds of VPN locations across the world that you can access, whether that be in the Americas, Europe, or even Africa!

Nord VPN

NordVPN is the first and best service on our list. Their company goal is to offer free and private access to the Internet — they want to keep your data from hackers and snoopy advertises, and they do this by encrypting your network traffic with 256-bit encryption.

Since a lot of countries block certain websites and some sites are geo-restricted (i.e. serving different content for a different location), NordVPN will let you access these sites on the go by letting you connect to a server in your home country (or another country).

With NordVPN your data is always protected, too. In addition to the encryption we already mentioned, NordVPN doesn’t log any traffic, offers DNS leak protection, and even offers an automatic Kill Switch in the even that your VPN connection drops.

CyberGhostV VPN

You can expect to experience traffic over 256-bit AES Encryption, access to global streaming services, such as geo-blocked Netflix locations, DNS and IP leak protection, a strict no-logging policy, support for all platforms, including Linux, unlimited bandwidth and traffic, as well as a kill-switch feature that keeps your data protected, even in the event of a dropped VPN connection.

IPVanish VPN

NordVPN has a lot of awesome features, but if you’re not completely sold on them, IPVanish is the next best VPN you can get for your Android device.

First, they have a lot of great features — between server selection, basic and advanced VPN settings, and multitasking split view, IPVanish gives a lot of control and customization to its users. IPVanish’s servers, even in long-range servers, provides great speeds.

You won’t notice Internet speed slowdowns. In fact, you might even see your speeds increase, depending on the server you’re connected to.

You can expect IPVanish to bring you best in class security as well. While connected up to IPVanish’s servers, you can expect to have your standard 256-bit encryption, as well as support for IKEv2, IPSec, and PPTP protocols.


If you’re looking to upgrade your Internet speed, then you might want to check out what VyprVPN has to offer.

You’ll get the traditional security you would expect out of a VPN — 256-bit encryption, support for various protocols, although it does log traffic; however, the developers claim that this is only for troubleshooting and and diagnostics.

VyprVPN is capable of bolstering your Internet speeds — some folks using it on Android are saying that they’re getting up to two times the speed as they are on normal Wi-Fi. VyprVPN will cost you some money, but it’s super affordable.
Sourav Sharma

Re: 6 best VPN app for android 2020

on Mobile App Marketing at Mar 26, 2020 12:28

Great! Thank you for sharing

Re: 6 best VPN app for android 2020

on Mobile App Marketing at Jun 09, 2020 16:15

Last year, I configured an ExpressVPN to stream Netflix on my android phone. The same VPN software is still active on phone and I have never faced a connection or unblocking issue. You can explore more details about VPNs that are still working with Netflix.

Re: 6 best VPN app for android 2020

on Mobile App Marketing at Jun 26, 2020 15:58

Nord VPN is the best option among them but unfortunately it's too expensive. I think they have to optimize their prices and be more reasonable. Considering the recent security holes they were having I'd not be paying this amount of money regardless of how good their service is. Recently I'm using Turbo VPN on my android phone, it's a free app but still works okay. Although since I've got a Montenegrin citizenship and moved to Kotor I'm having some problems using it. Hope they can solve it as soon as possible.

Re: 6 best VPN app for android 2020

on Mobile App Marketing at Jul 16, 2020 12:38

Being unlocked has no longer something to due with information plans. It facilitates you to apply yet another carriers telephone. no longer something greater. Blackberry's might desire to be on Blackberry information plans to function properly, yet once you like a nil.5 working telephone that is lock status has no longer impact on your means to apply wifi. in case you like 3g to artwork although get a T-cellular branded blackberry. no one else makes use of the frequencies they use and you gets caught on side (2g). there is not any information plan requirement. TMO isn't Verizon.
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