Types Of mHealth Apps

Types Of mHealth Apps

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Types Of mHealth Apps

on Mobile App Marketing at Jun 03, 2016 13:15

AppStores are flooded with mHealth apps. And finding the right mobility partner is a kind of fishing in a lake that is over-flooded with lots of different species of fishes. So, there is an array of “species” of mHealth apps in the AppStore and some of them include best-in-class capabilities. And, finding the right one that fits your needs is definitely a tedious task. There are various varieties on mHealth app available out there. Few of them include:
1. Clinical assistance apps
2. Health Monitoring & Tracking apps
3. Reminder apps
4. Communication apps
5. Patient portal apps

Re: Types Of mHealth Apps

on Mobile App Marketing at Jun 08, 2016 10:33

One type of very interesting healthcare applications example Ready4S has recently developed an app that gathers and presents information from SidlyCare Band. The ban can be put on patient's wrist and measures all important data about his health.


Re: Types Of mHealth Apps

on Mobile App Marketing at Jun 21, 2016 14:54

Have you already heard about a new feature for mobile Google that lets users to find what kind of illness they have? The main idea of this update is to find illness connected with the phrase users are typing into their search engine. If you type "headache" for example, the app will provide you with illnesses that are connected with this symptom and what's more, it shows how common the condition is and whether you need to see a doctor. More information here: http://mashable.com/2016/06/20/google-a ... 2bBKrVRuqW
Do you think Google will take over the market of medical apps?


Re: Types Of mHealth Apps

on Mobile App Marketing at Jun 27, 2016 17:29

Other types of medical apps include those which lets users to find:
- drug dosage,
- news about medicine,
- guide about different ilnesses,
- first aid,
- patient's medical records,
- connection with doctors,
- or even which helps to cure diseases.
Can you think of more mHealth app examples and functions?
A lot of interesting mHealth apps can be found here: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-medical-apps/


Re: Types Of mHealth Apps

on Mobile App Marketing at Jun 29, 2016 14:45

I'm not a big fan of googling illnesses (can make you hypocondriac!!), but I must admit some of those apps are really useful.

What do you think about Pillo? Pillo is a robot that will help you with your pills, reminding you your dosis and the schedule. It will even recognize your face!

I wrote a post about this topic yesterday: https://www.appfutura.com/forum/off-topic/pillo-the-smart-pill-dispenser-t1938
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