Things one should know about Pokemon Go

Things one should know about Pokemon Go

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Things one should know about Pokemon Go

on Mobile App Marketing at Aug 03, 2016 11:29

1.Pokemon Go is released by Niantic in real but people thought it is released by Nintendo on July 6th 2016

2.2 Days after its release, Nintendo’s Market flew to a height of $7.5 Billion and tremendously decreased to a loss of about 48 Million USD in a month pertaining to loss done to the world.

3.Sources said, Mcdonald’s and Nintendo can mutually work to get McDonald’s location a sponsored status.

4.Pokeman app helps a woman discover her boyfriend cheating on her.

5.T-Mobile -a German holding company announces to give users of the App unlimited data until August 2017.

6.Ourmine Team, who hacked Mark Zuckerberg and sundar pichai’s social media accounts claims to hack Pokemon Go.

7.Pokemon Go was launched in India on 19th July 2016

8.McDonald’s is Pokemon Go’s first official Sponsor.

9.Three teenagers were robbed In London Park while they were playing Pokemon Go as the British police disclosed.

10.Israel army banned its soldiers from playing Pokemon Go due to security reasons.

Hope you liked it.
Sakshi Sharma

Re: Things one should know about Pokemon Go

on Mobile App Marketing at Aug 24, 2016 12:37

Hey its really interesting and unknown facts about Pokemon go
Hit the to know how it has been created and from where it has been crashed
really interesting.. Check the secrets in SDI page
Hope this will be interesting :D
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