Pricing Model for Mobile App

Pricing Model for Mobile App

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Pricing Model for Mobile App

on Mobile App Marketing at Aug 30, 2017 20:52

I want to ask your opinion not how to develop a mobile application. And how to choose the right one (and the best) <a href="">pricing model for mobile app</a>.
1. How do you do this?
2. What strategies do you follow?
3. What should I look for?
4. And most importantly - what works?

Re: Pricing Model for Mobile App

on Mobile App Marketing at Sep 12, 2017 11:50

The choice always comes down to the app specification. My personal favorite is the combination of in-app ads and in-app purchases for games, and ads plus subscriptions for apps. But everyone needs to choose the options that best suit them. Below, I’ll dig deeper into the special features of each method.

The core division of methods is based on the price at the very beginning of user interaction. We either offer a completely free period of usage or ask people to pay for the app straight away. The latter method is called Paid. The Paid method works perfectly if your app already has interesting and popular content, and you are sure of its stability and feature set. Usually, you don't mix Paid with any other method, because no one wants to pay twice—and you rather lose your customers than get them to do spend twice.

The other method, Free, is divided into a few types, which you can combine. You can go for a subscription method, offering people some extra features with the Premium account, but you need to make sure that the free version is interesting enough to keep customers and force them to buy your subscription. Another option is to sell boosters or other needed resources through the app. This can be slightly less productive but helps you to gain trust as a developer.

The last method, which also falls into the Free category and can be combined with the previous two, is in-app advertising. The good thing about this is that you can sell subscriptions or in-app options that will help users get rid of them—so in fact, you are monetizing your app on a free level by showing ads, and then charging customers a second time to get rid of them. This type of app monetization is constantly growing in market share, and there are plenty of ad owners competing for developers. For example, Zeropark is launching its in-app ad platform and is looking for new sources of traffic. That is why we offer awesome deals to the app owners who want to work with us.

How to effectively monetize apps is one of the biggest questions in the industry. In the end, every developer would love to have their child bringing them something more valuable than simple joy. And the answer fully relates on the app content. A particular monetization method will work only if your app has a specific set of features. But figuring out the perfect pricing model will bring money to you and joy to your users.

Re: Pricing Model for Mobile App

on Mobile App Marketing at Sep 20, 2017 09:36

Yes the information you shared is really good for user point of view. if you are having any doubt about pricing model and which one to choose you should check this update, it will give you an understanding.... :?::?::?:

Re: Pricing Model for Mobile App

on Mobile App Marketing at Oct 02, 2017 16:25

From my personal experience I would decide for a Freemium and Paid version of app.
Thanks to it you can give your users a real taste of what they would get for a bit bigger price. When they see on a free version, that you know what you're doing they will be much more eager to pay for a premium version.
And I like it far better than a subscription option, where you have to remember about the payments or turning it off when you don't need the app anymore.
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