How to promote an app?

How to promote an app?

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Re: How to promote an app?

on Mobile App Marketing at Jul 20, 2020 13:14

I'm just an individual developer, who doesn't have much money for promotion.

I recommend using Youtube videos.

Don't make a video introducing your app which users find boring or commercial.

Instead, make a fun demo video. Use your creativity.
David Richard

Re: How to promote an app?

on Mobile App Marketing at Nov 07, 2020 09:53

There are many app developers who develop the app and want to promotes them but there is a big amount of money they need to spend.

If you also want to promote your app without spending a penny here I am giving you some important trick.

Well actually nothing comes for free nowadays so you need to put in lots of effort and it will take some time in order to gain heavy downloads.

As a marketing person in one of the renowned mobile app development company, I follow some tricks that you must use to get the downloads.

ASO Optimization.
ASO is important but Google play only lists the top 250 results.
Promote your app on Reddit.
Promote your app on forums like AndroidCentral, XDA developers forum, etc.
Answer the relevant questions to the app you made on Quora.
Join groups on Facebook share your app there.
Promote app on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ community.
create a very nice app promotion video and send it to each and every channel.

Doing all these will surely increase your downloads and your app will be featured in the top list of google play searches. This is what all other people are doing but you need to give continuous efforts for some months.

So Start doing this and let me know if you need any help.
AppCode Technologies

Re: How to promote an app?

on Mobile App Marketing at Jan 14, 2021 10:04

AppCode Technologies provide mobile app marketing services. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled marketers which promote your app through different sources. 

Re: How to promote an app?

on Mobile App Marketing at Mar 17, 2021 09:29

As working in a mobile app development company has given me the unique opportunity to work with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Many of them have shared stories of investing large amounts of time and money to make their app and also tell me how to promote an app.

I am sharing here those creative ways to promote your app:

1. Get in Touch
2. Reach Out To Influencers
3. Leverage Your Mobile Website
4. Feature the App in an Official Blog
5. Feature The App in Your Emails
6. Create a Demo Video
7. Offer free trials
8. Apply for Awards

I hope my answer will help you.
AppCode Technologies

Re: How to promote an app?

on Mobile App Marketing at Mar 17, 2021 11:30

Appcode Technologies is a leading mobile app marketing company based in India. We provide the best services and help the business to improve overall growth in this competitive market. Our experienced team of mobile app marketing promote your apps on social media sites, videos and newsletters. We make strategies after analyzing and optimizing your app data and user feedback. We are providing affordable mobile app marketing services to numerous large as well as medium entrepreneurs.
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