Healthcare app development: where is it going?

Healthcare app development: where is it going?

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Healthcare app development: where is it going?

on Mobile App Marketing at Oct 05, 2015 11:56

Healthcare is trying to reach Travel and Retail in the use of mobile apps for different goals. Healthcare app development is improving the administrative process to give more time to attend patients, the use of mobile apps to access digital health records and to communicate and collaborate with doctors/patients/nurses. The use of Healthcare apps also allows doctors to unite medical experience and education.

What kind of Healthcare apps have you done recently?

Re: Healthcare app development: where is it going?

on Mobile App Marketing at Aug 10, 2016 13:06

It feels good when I see most of the sectors have adopted mobile app technology to reach their customers.

Last year, we received 28 inquiries related to healthcare app development. Out of them, we successfully developed 20 mobile apps which are live now.

You can imagine the trend.

At our office, we do have a large portfolio of healthcare apps.

Technology is useless unless it can help us to improve our day to day lifestyle.
Sakshi Sharma

Re: Healthcare app development: where is it going?

on Mobile App Marketing at Aug 12, 2016 14:22

Healthcare apps are most widely used in developed countries, Now it trends are really amazing
Healthcare App Development in
-Virtual Reality
-Wearables and the IoT
-Remote and Satellite Care
Hit this for more detail about healthcare app development

Most of the apps are unique is different features, Just predict the future :roll:

Re: Healthcare app development: where is it going?

on Mobile App Marketing at Jul 16, 2020 12:42

You could also major in management information systems (business) and health care administration(business).  This work load would also be a lot lighter due to the overlap since they are both in the business school, and you would have a strong business, medical, and broad technical education, which would be perfect for a job as a technical business analyst or a business oriented developer.  You mention wanting to do something with AI which eventually could happen, but most more entry level jobs with this degree combination would be doing technical business analyst  or software development for the healthcare industry.

AI, skunkworks(research and development), and computer jobs in this vein typically require development experience and sometimes even an advanced degree like a Masters or PhD would possibly give you an advantage. It is rare for people in AI or in development research with a cognitive science major, but some may have it since the major definitely indirectly applies, but you would need the hard technical skills to back it up.

On the more creative side combining with computer science and possibly even cognitive sciences, there is a lot of demand for user experience (UX) developers and designers.  A prior development background may be required, but these people design the (user interface) UI, improve usability, and create mockups for website layout using wireframes and other tools.  Most of these industries are male dominated, but there are always room for women, especially in areas of UX design when men sometimes do not have the innate insight of what looks best, flows the best, and guarantees the best and most efficient user experience.  Sometimes developers are too literal and need the help of a UX team to make the application more usable, and make sure it meets all of the requirements set by the stakeholders, which sometimes doesn't happen.

Re: Healthcare app development: where is it going?

on Mobile App Marketing at Oct 27, 2020 14:44

Are you contemplating the idea of healthcare mobile app development?

According to Fortune Business Insights, the market was estimated at 11.17 billion in 2018 and is predicted to grow to 47.57 billion by 2026. The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has proved that such solutions will be on the rise during the years to come. You can bite off a part of this lucrative multi-billion pie if you decide to invest in medical software development.
After you decide to invest in medical software development, it is time to learn about the main types of applications. They are divided into professional healthcare apps and personal healthcare apps.
Medical software development is a complex process consisting of different steps. You can create a mobile medical app in 7 steps: define the type of app, study the market, come up with UX/UI design, decide on the monetization strategy, create the first app version, test and get feedback, analyze data and use it for further iterations.

Re: Healthcare app development: where is it going?

on Mobile App Marketing at Mar 31, 2022 16:22

Healthcare application development is the process in which a smartphone app is created mainly for healthcare and wellness. These could help a person manage their disease better or even guide enthusiasts towards their wellness goals. Furthermore, such applications can also be directed toward healthcare professionals, just as they can toward patients. Applications for practice management, telehealth, medical coding, and billing help healthcare providers manage their operations better.

Hospital apps have many advantages for patients as well as medical professionals. A digitized platform streamlines many activities in the everyday workflow, thereby reducing the burden on the medical staff. Things that previously needed manual, repetitive procedures with pen and paper can be accomplished with a few clicks using a hospital app. Pulling up electronic health records, managing appointment schedules, arranging for tests/scans, fetching their results, and updating health records are activities that mobile-based integrated healthcare solutions can help aggregate into a single interface. 

Benefits for the business

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • Increased engagement by building a closer relationship with customers

  • Automatization of tasks

  • Attracting customers

  • The app can improve or even save people's lives

Types Of Medical Apps

  • Telemedicine 

  • Remote Patient Monitoring 

  • Chronic Disease Management 

  • Patient Engagement 

The market for healthcare application development will only grow as more and more people from all walks of life embrace smartphones. With every industry that grows and evolves, this one too is bound to face a set of challenges unique to it. 

But whatever challenges lay on the road ahead, the regular stream of investment drives innovation and attracts the best and brightest talent. As the industry moves forwards at a breakneck speed, we might see a future where everyone only opts for custom healthcare applications, and pre-built ones may only occupy a niche. 

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