Using public back-end services like "" is a gift! I've started with Parse since October 2015 with small project and its up in store now. All was going well until one of my end-users said "but what about privacy?".

Normally, I don't implement any privacy software in any client's project unless they ask for it, and in this case the EULA didn't guarantee the data privacy since it isn't a must! However, since I got that questions on Google Play app review, I've asked the client to implement Iqrypt SDK as a quick solution, after one day on both iOS and Android apps we've submitted an update with all data transmission encrypted before it reaches Parse server.

This step enabled the client to edit the EULA and add a section called "Personal Data Privacy". Adding this "Extra-Privacy" method to the app, with some social awareness of this step, did increase the number of downloads by 15% at least in the first couple of weeks.

Please share any thoughts about the same topic.