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App developing business

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App developing business

on Mobile App Marketing at Dec 04, 2017 11:09

Hello guys!
I'm new here and I have a question. Your answer is very important for me and can help me for my plans in future. Is that risky if someone set up a business, hire an experienced IT manager and some app developers to develop and release different mobile apps? Does it have worth for investment or it can be risky?

Any help would be appreciated

Re: App developing business

on Mobile App Marketing at Dec 11, 2017 13:08

Dear ClarityDesigns,

Thank you so much for your valuable comment and useful advices. For sure I will read these books. Actually what we want to do is investment and hiring experienced IT manager and he will manage all work, we just invest. So by having a good and experienced team do you think still it can be risky? We don't want to interfere in technical sections, we want just invest and ask qualified team to manage the projects and ideas for app developing.

What do you think?

Hey mate. Yep its definitely risky, a million things can go wrong , over budget, wrong design, etc. You seem quite new to business. If I may recommend these books which would help you. "Startup evolution curve", "The lean startup" , you might be also interested in these 2 books it involves a lot of delegating which seems like what you are trying to do, "The 4 hour work week", "Virtual freedom, by Chris Ducker". Before diving into any sort of business I recommend you read a lot of books this will help you to get new ideas and expand your knowledge on the topic. Reason I recommended the first book is because its a very step by step process which is quite easy to follow, which I feel is great to anybody who is starting off.

Also remember you can get someone to set up your business, though it will be VERY expensive. But that's not the only part you also need to know how to run the business. Good luck!
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