5 mobile app monetization strategies

5 mobile app monetization strategies

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5 mobile app monetization strategies

on Mobile App Marketing at Jan 28, 2015 15:43

Did you guys read the latest blog post on our blog? It gives a great overview on how to monetize your mobile apps!

aat soft

Re: 5 mobile app monetization strategies

on Mobile App Marketing at Jul 25, 2019 18:46

Good article Marc!

Re: 5 mobile app monetization strategies

on Mobile App Marketing at Sep 16, 2022 10:00

Developing an outstanding mobile app isn’t enough! It’s also important to monetize your mobile app for generating a steady flow of revenue. Take a look at the key app monetization strategies.

Paid Apps
This model is recommended if your mobile app offers a unique set of features that no other app under that category provides. Remember to pick this model only if your app resolves some existing bottlenecks and is immensely beneficial for your target audiences. Otherwise, app users wouldn’t be interested in downloading your app as they are mostly accustomed to free downloads.

Freemium & Subscription model
How about an app that is free to download, and offers the basic functionalities for free, but users need to pay a subscription for availing of advanced functionalities? Well, this model is one of the most popular monetization strategies adopted by mobile app creators. The subscription can be monthly or yearly. Also, you can allow consumers to use your app for free for a certain period say, 6 months or even a year. Thereafter, you may charge users a subscription amount to continue using your app.

In-app Ads
The in-app ads model is another popular app monetization strategy. However, you must take care that the ads are users sparingly. And, try to include ads that are relevant to your target audience group.

In-app Purchases
In-app purchases are a great way to engage users and generate revenue at the same time. Some examples include offering extra life to your avatar in gaming apps, offering additional features like prescription refilling, etc. in healthcare apps, paying for media downloads in entertainment apps, and so on.

You can partner with another brand that targets similar audience groups. Your brand being promoted by some other brand is an effective way to boost your brand image. Also, if the partner brand includes ads, their users can be directed to your app when they click on that ad. This will improve your click-through rate (CTR).
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